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Major symptoms when out walking

Hi. When I go out for a walk my symptoms seem to be heightened. Slight breathlessness, a bit dizzy, muscle aches after a while because I am all tense, my heart skipping beats once in awhile yet my legs are fine and no weakness or pains. Anyone relate to this also?

Thanks. Jdt.

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Hey are you panicking while walking ? Or conscious of your breathing ? ... am going thru it at them minute even while am sitting but I do have anxiety lol so it' hard to differentiate between it being serious or bring in my head lol x


I seem to start off fine then symptoms start and the panic sets in.


Have you been checked out by Dr?

If so your fine your wee brain is over working try walking with a friend partner or family first and if you get thru a walk with them without thinking about it then ul no it's anxiety ...


I tried with a pal on the phone and its way better. Dr says Anxiety.


There u go it will passhun stick some ear phones in x


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