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Heartbeat Awareness 😥 Anxiety?

Hi fellow anxiety peps

I am driving myself crazy every day thinking I’m going to have a heart attack 😢

I can feel my pulse rate in my ears neck fingers especially when I’m lying down in bed and trying to sleep 💤 🛏

If I climb the stairs my heart races 💔 and pounds to the point I panic and feel like I’m going to pass out 😧

All this stress has caused me to have rounded shoulders and scapula winging which in itself causes pain and a catch 22 😓😭

Does anybody else deal with this and how do you cope?

I have PRN Diazepam which helps massively but I don’t want to keep taking these things 😐

I can take like 1.25mg and it holds off the anxiety for like 1-4 days then I’m back to square one 😳

I really don’t want to take Antidepressants as I am a HCA on a Psych Ward and see what they do to our patients in the long run 😶

Help peps 🤯😖😤😭 Anxiety I hate you!

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I am currently dealing with major heart palpitation issues. My dr had me wear an event monitor to ensure all was ok (I was also having chest pain)- results came in and everything was ok with the exception of 2 small instances of tachycardia (over 30 days).


I too get the palpitations which always worry me when they happen. But , many reputable sources will tell you that palpitations or skipped beats are no cause for Concern without any other symptoms. Regards to the chest pain try to relax your chest muscles. Stand in a mirror and try to slouch from a tense position and you’ll feel the difference.

By the way , I give advice on such things due to the fact that I have or currently experiencing these same things. Once you can be assured of one thing it either goes away or happens but your less concerned. I am currently suffering with other new symptoms that’s worrying me like hell.


Yes this is me nearly everyday lately . This morning I woke and felt like I wanted to vomit . My heart rate was off the radar . Scaring the crap out of me . I just don’t know what’s going on and I can’t handle this much longer .😞


can feel the pain bro


Thanks for getting back guys it’s just awful and I hate this! Why and how do we get past this 😓😤😭


Yes I WAS there...past tense. Everything you said including change of posture from tense muscles. Against my own will I started medication. It’s very unhealthy what we do to our bodies. I’ve been able to work through a lot of my anxiety with low dose meds with the goal of weaning off. It’s what worked for me.

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What to they do in the long run? I feel normal.


Dee, glad you got off your meds. I only take a small dosage of propranolol which keeps my heart rate low and helps with other symptoms such as tremor , twitches , sweating etc and other stuff. I’ve tried to stop them on many occasions but I think the physiological fear stops me from being able to do so. I feel symptoms returning or getting worse and at that point I can’t tell if it’s withdrawal , real or anxiety.


It’s very common and “normal” for your heart to behave in this man or when your anxious or worried. It’s also normal under normal activity such as climbing the stairs as your body is running on Adrenalin whilst in an anxiety state. If you was to run up the stairs really fast you’d see no difference in the end result at the top of the stairs.

A typical normal resting heart rate is between 60-100 beats per minute. Under exertion it can increase up to 190 beats per minute in my case which is also normal. 220 minus your age gives you your active and safe maximum heart rate.

The pounding is caused by adrenaline and your body is protecting its self against a threat. In your case it’s protecting you from the anxiety and extra Adrenalin which is just a anxiety reaction.

I do suffer with this as well as you’ll find breathing exercises will help very much. The more you calm your body the more your heart rate will relax.

I get pounding days and I get slow rate days as well as fast rate days.

Oh , and feeling it in your neck and fingers and head is 100% normal. Let’s admit that if you couldn’t feel it in those spots you’d genuinely need to worry lol.

Hope things improve.


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