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Feeling numb


Been to the hospital with my dad today to get scan results to see if his cancer has spread.. it has and now they’ve given a prognosis of only months for him. He’s really poorly and for the first time in all of this he cried and it broke me even more. I feel so numb and lost and have no idea what to do.. I’ve been trying to talk to people all day but I can’t seem to speak properly my heads a mess and now I can’t sleep again because I keep thinking and crying 😢

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hi I'm really sorry to hear your news that's really sad for all your family/friends.my pain is very much raw having just lost my dad on easter sunday.im still numb also and feel very much lost.im here for you anytime.god bless you all and may he give you strength.

RachieW in reply to kenster1

I’m so sorry for your loss 😢 try to think of the happy times and not the recent heartache. I know there isn’t any words to help but support does wonders. Bless you

I'm so sorry to hear that 🙁 there's nothing anyone can say or do to make you feel better. I know it's not the same but I saw it all with my grandad and it broke me too to see someone so strong be so poorly. I really feel for you. If you ever want to talk to someone else apart from your family because I know that can be difficult you can message me. Try and keep your head up and remember the good times hunny x

RachieW in reply to Hannah_1992

Thanks so much for your reply very kind of you. It is indeed a taboo with family to talk about what is happening. Luckily I have amazing work colleagues but when alone at night I think about everything and it upsets me x

RachieW, you must be strong for your Dad as his earthly life draws to a close. If he sees you suffering it will distress him and that's the last thing you want to do.

So do everything to make his last days as comfortable as possible. Tell him how much he has meant to you and thank him for everthing he has done for you. It will add purpose to his life.

Talk about happy times in the past you all shared together, memories of special days now past.

When your Dad passes over there will be no more pain or anxiety for him. He will have moved on to a better place than this vale of tears.

The days remaining to you may be shortening but they can be special days for both of you.

RachieW in reply to Jeff1943

Thanks for your kind words. I had to get my head in the right place yesterday as it was such a shock I’m not ready to say goodbye.

I intend for him to know exactly how I feel about him

oh i do feel for you. It is the worst thing to see someone you love go through this and not know what to do or say. Seeing a grown man cry is so heart wrenching, it is good for him to release his fears and sadness though. It's ok to cry together. Hug him with all your might and tell him the things that you always wanted to. He needs you even more than you need him right now and cannot give up hope and neither can you.

Prayer is what will pull you both through.

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