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Eating and anxiety


Does anyone else find it hard to eat when you are bad with anxiety? I have found lately I don't want to eat and I feel full but then I'm starving. I get nauseous too. Is this normal?

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I wouldn't say its normal, but your definitely not alone. I had that not too long ago, I found myself forcing food down my throat to keep from starving, sometimes it still happens. I started lexapro 2.5 mg, been on it for about 2 weeks and my appetite is back but anxiety still lingers. I know it is a very hard symptom to deal with and I wish you best of luck in finding a solution. You have to eat in order to stay alive. Try eating maybe 5 small meals a day with snacks in between if your underweight, if normal weight, you can probably just snack around, eating whenever you can. Just don't worry so much, it makes the symptom a lot worse, take it easy :)

Thank you xx

It is indeed and low blood sugar from not eating will add to the jittery and nauseous feelings. Please try and eat something, it doesn't have to be healthy but the calories in whatever you fancy should make you feel a little better.

Forget proper meals for a while, just snack and nibble.

Thank you that makes sense xx

Seems like every day of my life! Then the starving causes me to eat bad stuff or too much stuff and my stomach reacts poorly. It’s serious. Sometimes I feel the GI system is one of the systems most affected by anxiety just few people discuss those issues as much. It’s horrible. Irritable bowel, condtipation and diarrhea. Nausea is discussed frequently. That can be anxiety or not eating properly especially but not limited to taking meds. Storing of my life! My GI system could write a book. “The anxious bowel” It’s my normal. My bowels are as bipolar as I am. Nausea is 24/7. I keep peppermints beside my bed and chair. For some reason they help me. You can get sugar free ones. I’m fat and can’t afford it so I get the 1.00 ones at the dollar store. Eating healthy, all natural and no red meat is the best for me. I don’t do it but have and it helps. Mirilax too. It adds water to keep you from being dry allow things to work smoothly in your GI system. Again, I don’t but have. If I died today my chalk outline would be a circle. I suffer daily. One day I’ll learn. Maybe. I’m also poor though.

Sorry to hear that Tinkerbell I hope you get some relief soon xx

Your not alone. Our anxiety and our digestive systems are linked together. Our gut has a lot of nerves. When our anxiety is at a very high level, our digestion slows down and causes all these bad physical sensation/symptoms. Can I suggest to find coping skills to deal with your anxiety, to bring down your level of anxiety and your stomach issues should slowly subside. For now try to healthy foods foods that your stomach can break down easy, chew your food, eat very small meals through out the day, It’s sometimes can be hard but be patient. Take care.

Thank you that's definitely what's happening and I will try to eat small meals through out the day as that makes sense xx

Hope it goes well. I suffer so much with this as well. Food easily seems like a poison if you are not careful.

Hi I agree as I have an eating disorder because of food poisoning I had last year so now I have safe foods.

Hi I wanted to see how you've been. I'm currently going through a tough state where I know I have to eat but I'm not hungry and it's just frustrating that when it comes to enjoy a meal I can't

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I am still forcing myself to eat as I don't feel like eating. But I'm starting to get some hunger pains back again which is great even though I still force myself to eat. I'm sure soon I will be back to normal again. I really hope you get through it too xx

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