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How much information do I put on Mandatory reconsideration form for Pip? Has anyone had a false report by assessor?


been working on the mandatory reconsideration appeal all day. I drafted a letter of sorts. Main problem I was on enhanced mobility as I have osteoarthritis and anxiety too. They have scored 0 this time for the planning a journey. The Hp even lied on the report stating I was calm and understood everything answered clearly so my mental state was good. I was in a terrible state anxious. Stressed and feeling panicky I was so exhausted. We think he filled that bit in later and mixed me up with someone else. So a letter to clear that up hopefully as he kept us waiting 3/4 hr. he was rude to my daughter and told her to stop prompting me. It was an ordeal. So fingers crossed it goes back to enhanced otherwise I lose my car too

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Hello :-)

I would include everything you can and all your information about your condition and how it affects you base it on your WORSE days and not on the odd day that is slightly better as they just read or hear that and not how 99% of the time when you are not well

I would tell them exactly what you have said in your post how the interview went and how they made you feel etc

I have put you a link , if you scroll down it you will see a little test and it will tell you how many points you get for whatever answer hopefully this will help

Get ALL the back up you can like Doctors letters or anyone that helps you or that you are seeing regarding your health and send them in with the appeal if you can

Good luck and don't stop till you get what you deserve , it is so unfair when people are generally suffering they have to go through this but stay strong :-)

Take Care x

Hiya, it's so hard this situation, waiting on the brown envelope, sleepless nights, don't give up

Look on this website

They help thousands, get what they deserve , good luck

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Thanks Pat140609 for putting that link on , I said in my reply I would put the link on which was the same one you have added I just forgot to do it :-D

You are so right though all the sleepless nights and those brown dreaded envelopes , if only they knew what they were doing to genuine people ! x