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I wake up anxious! Help!


The last three months around my period I have constant headaches/migraines. I will have about 6 headaches/migraines within a week and a half. I'm really freaked out about getting too many headaches and taking too much over the counter medication for it.

I'm so freaked out by it that I wake up and I'm instantly in a state of panic, I wake up almost like something scared me, hearts racing, mouth gets dry, I start sweating and I immediately start freaking out because I'm scared I'll have a headache. I know it sounds like an irrational thing to be freaking out about but its seriously a fear of mine now to have headaches or migraines all the time. I'm well aware that obviously freaking out isn't helping and that panicking is bringing on headaches, but I can't help it. Its like, once the thought has passed my mind Its too late.

What should I do? What's my next step? Can't live like this anymore...

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Hi AnxiousGirl93, your next step is to see your doctor regarding the headaches. Taking over the counter pain meds for that number of headaches within a weeks time only sets you up for rebound headaches. The headaches most likely are coming from the hormonal levels at that time of month. It might be a better option for you to take something that would prevent these monthly migraines rather than wait for the pain. Your doctor will be the best judge of what may work for you. Even though the fear or anticipation of getting a headache makes the pain worse, it is still not what is prompting it to happen. Usually anxiety prone headaches are more muscle contraction/tension headaches. Wish you well x

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Thank you for your response! I have an appointment this Friday with a new doctor who I am hoping will listen to me and care unlike my old doctor. I'm ready to not have two whole weeks of my life taken from me every month by these violent and relentless headaches and migraines.

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I'm glad you have that appointment. It's real hard to get some doctors to put the 2 together. Menses and headaches. I certainly understand how horrific those migraines are. Good luck and let us know what the new doctor says to do. x


For me when I was younger about the age you look now , I would have say 4 migraines a year which was ok to cope with then as I started in the menopause so did the migraines where I can have one every 4 weeks or 6 weeks but when I say one it can last all week , I get the aura , then the headache that feels like I have been smashed in the head with a brick , can hardly hold my head up and after all that passes it leaves me feeling like the stuffing has been knocked out of me , so what you feel is 6 migraines in a week and a half could actually be the same one

It could be your hormones , or do you take any contraceptive ?

But you should go and see your Doctor , they can do some blood tests , check you over and there are medication's they can prescribe that help with migraines , I cannot take them because of other health problems but I have heard for those that can they work quiet well :-)

Take Care x

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Yes, I feel similar. A few days before my period starts I will get a headache or two and then once I start the headaches will turn into migraines. There is usually one migraine I get near the end of my period that is bad. As soon as its gone I feel exhausted and depressed. It might be a hormonal thing. I am not on any form of contraceptive right now. I hope the doctor is confident and has some answers for me!

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It really does point in that direction

As Agora says go steady on the painkillers because at one stage I was taking that many I was getting rebound headaches

Tell them just like you have in this post and let them know you need an answer and I am sure they will sort you out :-)

Let us know how you get on :-) x

Do you possibly have PMDD? I know I have it, always have VERY bad anxiety around my period. My obgyn put me on BC control pills and I only have a period every three months or so. Really helped me a lot. Check into it. <3

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I will talk to my doctor about this tomorrow! I hope that when I tell her everything going on she doesn't question herself and that she has a pretty good idea of what is going on. Thank you!

Did you ever try checking your Vitamin B12 levels. Try that. Vitamin B12 and vitamin D. These deficiency can be nerve wrecking. All the best.

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I actually have been taking B12 and magnesium for the past two months, I don't really notice a difference but I'm still taking it every day! Thank you for your response

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