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Is bus all just tiredness and lack of sleep?

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Hey so, I have bad health anxiety certain things trigger it and I just go into overwhelming panic and as doctors can't figure out what's wrong with me.

I often go to the doctors and I say the same thing, chronic tiredness and lack of energy, because of thi s I've stopped going out and just lay in bed Day in and out and yeah I know I shouldn't but I worry.

I have had CT scans and bloods done in December all showed normal..

Monday I had every test possible for bloods and it al came back fine. Now I'm scared to sleep due to my anxiety and this leads ne to go to bed at stupid stupid hours such as 6am or 4am and wake up aboht 12pm day in and out.

I constantly feel tired under my eyes no energy and occasionally it goes sort of numb under my eyes not numb but a numb sort of droopy feeling you'd get when tired. For years could this be me just having absolute poor sleep due to my health anxiety. As I feel fine when I wake up still tired but bearable. But as it gets later I get anxious, extremely tired and my bit under my eyes and cheeks feel like I need to push it inwards I can't describe the feeling. I don't know what todo every person I know says get more sleep and it's that what's causing it due To sleeping stupid hours and Just doing nothing cause I'm so tired so it's almost like a cycle.

Considering I've had every test done and I'm physically healthy could it be a result of poor sleep? Like to hear your thoughts. Also thought I'd add when i get tired I get headaches on the front Like tension and aides of head

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Its good that you've had great results back from all your tests, so that out of the way, next step, you should aim to get a normal sleep pattern back into your routine, gradually work on getting to bed earlier each night untill your going at a reasonable hr instead eary morning hrs, set your alarm to wake up at roughly same time each morning, our body clock can easily be disrupted and it does have consequences, headaches, fatigue, lack of motivation, depression, anxiety, visual disturbance, poor diet, and many more x

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