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Feel guilty

In on a

New dose of meds I’m just got diagnosed with bipolar .. I am

Not comfortable to

Drive .. my health is not good either ..

I feel bad that i am not able to drive and

Go to the store or where ever ..

On several occasions he said to me “ does it

Have to be something

Every day with you example : tooth ache , I have an immune system disorder so I feel sick often and I suffer from harsh anxiety.. my husband does too but not to the same


I feel anxious and sad when he makes theses comments to me but I have e no control over what happens.

He says he is joking when he sees I’m upset about the comment ..

Any help or suggestions would be great

Thank you

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Tell your husband his lack of support is cruel and counterproductive!

I feel so much better when I'm away from my husband for the same reasons. If I could afford it I'd leave and probably actually heal!

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Thank u


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