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Severe Anxiety Help :(

I'm New to this entire anxiety... It's one if the most scariest things I've ever dealt with or battled. I woke up Christmas Eve morning with the worst anxiety. I had been excited having thoughts that my now fiance was going to propose to me, which did happen! I was so excited for this to happen and had always begged him to marry me lol! Now that he has I can't enjoy it?! Now I'm scared questioning am I unhappy? I shouldnt be?! I was sooooo excited and its all I've wanted for so long!! Ever since then I have been battling extreme anxiety. I don't know what struck this other than the constant stresses of the household I'm living under, work stress, bills, I'm not certain. Unfortunately I cannot find an exact trigger which I've given up on searching. my main goal and focus is to heal now. I feel like I'm awake in a dream when I leave the house or like it's brain fog? I was cold turkeyed off my Prozac of 10 mg that I was on for 2-3 years. I felt really weak/sensitive, so I contacted my doctor and he placed me on Zoloft. 3 weeks into Zoloft is when this all began. I started seeing a therapist and psychiatrist and I was removed from Zoloft back Onto Prozac. They have recently upped my dosage to 20mg and now added Wellburtin 150mg XL. I find myself recently zoning out like my eyes are crossing. Anyone experience this? My doctor didnt seem concerned. I only notice it when reading small print, up close things or when I'm trying to concentrate. I'm feeling really hopeless like this will never end... I want to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Trying to ride out the side effects and pray this will stop. I've had blood work done and everything is normal. I've had a known hypothyroid issue which I've taken meds for years now and they said that was normal range as well. Will this brain fog, dreamy feeling subside? I'm on medical leave from work right now. I'm forcing myself to leave the house because I'm tired of feeling like I'm not me or in my own body... thank you guys 💚💚

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Hello thowshall,I hope and pray you are doing well. I understand very well aboit the brain fog,feeling like you are not in your own body. I experience out of body feeling along with feeling as though I have died or something, like I am watching my self as well as everything around me from somewhere else. I was diagnosed with anxiety and panic disorder 5 months ago,I do not take any medication. I use to be extremely bad but that was due to other medical and mental issues on top of the anxiety and panic attacks. I deal with it all on a daily bases,the only way I get through it is to focus on my kids,enjoy life the best I can,do thing regardless how I feel ,and my husband is a huge help. I do not know you nor will I try to say I do,as all our lives are different but you say it all started the day you woke to be engaged, and continued from there. I will not say that is your problem but tell you what happen to me once. I met my husband when I was 13,after two years we needed a break,we each moved on. We were both in and out of relationships until he decided he was done and wanted me back when I was 17, I couldn't do that because I found a wonderful man whom I love dearly and loved me with all he had. I can't tell you how many times I told him I wanted and was going to marry him,I dreamt of our children,grandchildren and growing old together. Then came the day I knew he was going to wake me to marry him because he took me to my favorite restaurant,a movie and so on. I was so happy that after I went straight home and started planning the wedding but as life had it three days later I was so depressed,sick,anxious and so unhappy feeling. I tried pushing through,but I was breaking. It broke my heart but I told him i was not calling it off but needed space,my ex (my now husband) and I was still friends so I called him to have a shoulder to cry on because I had no one else. My husband and I talked often,never romantic on my part,but he gave me the best advice "sometimes the things that once made you happy,can make you unhappy." Needless to say he was right,as much as it hurt me I ended up breaking up with the fiance,a year later my ex (husband) asked me to marry him which I thought "your my best friend now but at least I won't be alone." Guess what I found, he was never my best friend,he was the love of my life,my missing piece. Now we have been married 10 years,two beautiful kids,I could imagine being with anyone else or being anywhere else. Life throws curve balls. I do hope no matter what it is,that you find your happiness one day. Good luck to you. If you ever need someone I am always here.


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