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Hiatal hernia anxiety?

Can a hiatal hernia cause heart palpitations? I read online that it could irritate the vagus nerve or something... and cause chest pain and palpitations.

I'm really thinking about getting hernia surgery.... I think it's causing me alot of unessesary symptoms.

Anyways.... I started on Buspar yesterday morning. So far so good.

I just have to wean off klonopin ๐Ÿ’ช

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Depending on your dose and how often you use it, weaning could be really easy. I weaned off of it and don't even have to use it as needed. Make sure you have a good set of coping skills, that's what helped me alot. Just had a big interview for an OR position and I'm not anxious or anything. No klonapin! Do what you think is best for you and make sure your doctor is involved.


Thanks. I have been on .05mg once a day for a little over a year


Hi Elizabeth . Weaning off shouldn't be a problem. But I would definitely tell your Dr and ask him or her how to do it. I am still on Klonapin and never weaned off. SO I don't talk from experience .. TALK TO YOUR DR for sure.


He pretty much said to quit taking ๐Ÿ˜’ eek... idk that scares me lol

Too many horror stories on YouTube ๐Ÿ˜‰ I hope it won't be to bad. I think the buspar has helped so far, and it's not habit forming (supposedly) so that makes me feel better


You can try going every other day for a week and then each week go more days without. Once you get to 3 days off you just stop. You can just stop that dose. I did and I was taking the same dose 2 times a day. I got down to once a day and then just stopped. My doctor prescribed it for as needed, but I've only had to taken it a couple times since. Been off for a couple months now.


Hi Elizabeth04, I also have a hiatus hernia mine is very big my gastroenterologist told me. Sometimes I suffer from burning sensation in my esophagus which also felt in my chest and it triggers me an anxiety attack due the reason I think Im having a heart attack or something related. I'm thinking of do the surgery too.


I feel the same way.. I have burning sensation... burping... reflux and palps.

My doctor told me mine was small... that's why i dontr understand why it is causing so many problems โ˜น

I need to change my diet.. maybe that will help. I have also heard that a chiropractor may be able to help hiatal hernia


Same symptoms exactly. I think maybe because the stomach squeeze into the esophagus and it creates certain 'pressure' into chest. I need to change my diet too.


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