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I am literally such an idiot my boiler has been on since 9am yesterday morning no-one remember till just now when I could feel the bedroom getting really hot i went downstairs to turn it off and it was making a really loud bubbling sound now I'm panicking that something bad will happen like the boiler will explode or something 😱 please someone give me some reassurance!

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I googled your issue and it could be anything from air, air pressure, a frozen pipe or thermostat - either way it will need looking at by a heating engineer as if doesn’t sound right.

Reassurance can only be given if the boiler is kept switched off.

Unfortunately it’s always a massive inconvenience.

I hope it’s ok and not too costly. .


Boilers are designed to run non-stop if that's what you want. They also have several safety devices, one will never explode. Just switch your boiler on and there's every chance it will be working fine.


Hopefully you have a maintenance agreement on it. Call someone to look at it and then your worrying is over.


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