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Can’t stop shaking and crying

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Hi I don’t know who to talk to 😢 Had to go hospital today to take a full blood count. Had a nap woke up to a missed call saying I need to go back and repeat the test? I asked why!? She said I it was a little high? I spoke to the manager on duty and she said no it’s not high just an error with the machine? Why did the other lady say high CBC ? And Your saying machine error? Im waiting for my taxi and I’m very scared all I google is leukemia 😢😢😢 i will repeat the test again this is a private clinic and they call a few hours after. I can’t sleep till I know It’s ok

I was shaking so so much after I hung up and had a brief panic attack won’t inform hubby and quietly go.... hate this feeling I want to vomit

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I’m sorry sweetie I understand! I am just like you. It will be ok. My Mom tells me to imagine beautiful things in my mind like arranging flowers or whatever you like. It’s a good distraction. 💛 -hugs-

I too have experienced panic attacks around medical tests, even phone calls from the dr, just seeing the caller ID would trigger me. What kind of help have you gotten for this in the past that has worked for you? I'm so sorry you are suffering.

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Hi hun i do believe I need to see someone about this health fear as it gets worse with age x

hey lets hope its just an error then.i can see how you are worried hope they said sorry to you.

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Layla321 in reply to kenster1

No sorry what so ever she said it can happen some times 🤔 two blood tests on the same day but I’m ok with the result now I can breath x

Thank you so much for your replies! They just called me my blood count all fine and within range xx

I cried with joy! I know google is very bad for us but I’m my own worse enemy got myself in such a pickle I was shaking so so bad.

Note to myself just relax it will it will it will be ok x any blood tests any results I’m a mess. I avoid doctors as much as I can as it’s not worth the stress it puts on me... thought was going to faint

Thank you all for your support ❤️

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gibbo37 in reply to Layla321

Hi Layla my name is norma and over Christmas I had a chest infection and a bad asthma attack which in turn brought on an anxiety attack so ok now how horrible they are I found a book written by a bloke called Barry Mcdonagh

He helped me to cope with the Anziety and I am coping really well try it.

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benni8888 in reply to gibbo37

is happen to me before , fear for no reason ,, i hate goin gp :( anxiety sucks

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Layla321 in reply to benni8888

Ruins your life and days get tough

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Layla321 in reply to gibbo37

Thanks will try and find that book x

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gibbo37 in reply to Layla321

Layla you can order it from Amazon you can put it on your iPad it only costs 99pence if you have any trouble maybe I can help I still wake up in the morning a bit shaky but I get up go to the toilet brush my teeth and have my breakfast

So here's hoping this helps all the

Best .

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Layla321 in reply to gibbo37

Will definitely get this book x

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