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Need help, trapped

I feel like his every day, I am trapped in toxic environment at the moment. My mother insisted I come to stay with her during my divorce (biggest mistake I ever made) she needed help financially and I have two young daughters and a very demanding career so I thought it was a win win. that was two years ago. In one of the nastiest Divorces I have lost everything I once thought was so important. I fought with everything I had to protect my daughters keeping them in therapy and counseling. Due to a series of horrible actions by my now ex husband I lost my job of 15 years (he stole my car, emptied my bank, ran up all of our credit cards, disposed of all our assets and completely abandoned our children) I am suffering from severe anxiety and depression. My mother thinks this all made up and I just do not want to take care of my children. She has become so angry and abusive, she refuses to help me in any way. I know things will get better this will no last forever, but every day gets worse and her constant insults, put downs, just mean hurtful hateful comments and actions have isolated me from the rest of my family that until recently was very lose, very supportive and loving. I have few friends left, and the ones I do have are sick of seeing me spiral downwards, sick of hearing about my horrible life and divorce. I am so lost and broken. so alone and surrounded by hate I do not know how to rebuild my life and be happy again

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Oh my I’m so sorry to hear ! I can’t imagine your pain and anxiety it will be okay it’s okay to vent :) breathe your okay you’ll get through this it’s alright one step at a time

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