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Constant sighing you are rude?!

Since I have found this website want to get it all out and thanks for everyone’s input makes me feel like I’m not alone xx

Another one is sighing I’m constantly taking deep breaths/ sighs and many people give me a funny looks if I’m in a que, talking to a colleague, in shops. I feel like I need to take a deep breath. I’m not being rude I’m not fed up but I will take the most humongous deep breath or a huge sigh for others it looks like I’m being awkward when I’m not.

Also yawning none stop even with 9hours sleep. But the constant sighing to strangers it looks like I’m being rude anyone else with same experience?

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I think sighing might be helpful. When I am in the grip of anxiety I am aware I almost start holding my breath and and am very tense. I am sure singing would help but sigh instead, it is a way of releasing tension.

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I agree Forestina, sighing is just another way for us to get in that extra oxygen we need from either holding our breath or shallow breathing. We don't do it for attention or to annoy others but yet it tends to irritate my daughter . I do what I need to in order to feel the calm and peace. :) x

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