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Weird head sensation

So I sat down to watch tv when all of a sudden I got this weird feeling on the left side of my head and it felt like the room tilted to the right and my eyes where "moving things in slow motion"? It lasted for a couple seconds. It almost felt like when you get up too fast but I'm used to that and I also see stars and I usually just close my eyes and I'm fine after that. But this freaked me a little. Now it feels like I might get that feeling again but I'm guessing it's because I'm thinking about it too much.

Any advice would help

Thanks in advanced

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If you sat down quickly it could be because the crystals in your ear fluid that tell your brain where you are in spacewhat your posture is doing were jolted by the sudden drop down into the chair. Usually these crystal s everybody has them) sit far back in the ear . They send signals to yoyr brain to help you maintain balance. If due to sudden movement they are jolted to the front of the ear they then send too many signals to the brain confusing it,.the brain cannot compensate as it cant cut out the faulty signals from the proper ones and you get instant often severe vertigo for a moment. There is a manouver you can do to tilt the crystals back into the correct position .its shown on utube. Type in dizzy. Veryigo ears position to reverse positional vertigo you will be on the right track. Sorry i cant remember the name . I have cognitive issues following a brain injury and i cant remember or voice the names of things places and people .without extreme difficulty.My family usually can work it out eventually lol.


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