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It hides in the shadows!

So it's been 2 years since my last post. I wanted to be able to share some info on me. I use to have the utmost symptoms of anxiety. And although I'll never stop having anxiety. I do however manage it, most days, without medication. I still owe my private stash of lorazapam and I have successfully lost 50 lbs in the last 2 years. Working out in the beginning made me feel amazing! And now I've seen to hit a rug, although I still workout 3 days a week, I don't feel good anymore and started taking my pams again on rare occasions. I don't know if I have winter blues or just hit a wall. I always feel great after a workout but then I seem to come back to reality. I don't want to keep losing control of my anxiety again. I've been able to keep it at bay for almost 2 years. Any kind words would be so helpful. I've also been working a part time job for almost 2 years so I do keep myself super busy, but as we all know anxiety feeds so quick and easy. I've been having alot of palpitations also, which I tend to get more in between certain menstrual cycles. I also deal with 3 kids, and my youngest who is almost 4, might be hyperactive. So she keeps me on my toes and ramps up my anxiety and stress to the max. I've even tried meditation apps, but they seem to bore me to easily.. If anyone has some good advice the has worked for them and can relate. I'd be so thankful!

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I believe winter blues are a real thing for some people. Make sure you have lots of good lighting in yr home and bright colours around even if its just flowers. You have achieved so much and sound like you expect yourself always to be without a bad day ... dont be so demanding on yourself. You have children, work, you exercise regularly yr doing great. Maybe try Hatha Yoga for relaxation or perhaps you can set yourself a new goal as you seem to be very driven. Laughter and good friends are great medicine hugs to you xx


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