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Last night I lost a pet that I was really close too, I felt fine this morning except then it all hit me again, I keep walking to feed it and it’s not there, I don’t hear it anymore and the memory of me seeing it dead keeps playing in my head, I also lost a pet 4 months ago too. I keep having moments of breakdowns because I keep replaying it in my head, I’ve also been having a lot of heart papiltarione today idk what to do

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First I’m so incredibly sorry. Do you pray? Personally what I would do.


I lost my Pet of 10yrs Not to long ago. And it still rips me apart. But in time u will get better. I had the worst panic attacks for a few days.. i was there when the euthanized Him he had terminal cancer... and it kept replaying in my head. I know how u feel and ur grieving.. i Hope u feel better soon. JUST RELAX play Relaxation music take hot baths and just ease ur mind. Hope all goes well xoxo

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So so sorry it's so heartbreaking to lose a loved pet. Such an awful experience for you. You must grieve please don't hold the tears let them come. To me it's the same sort of grief as losing a person. Look after yourself xx


I am so sorry for your lost. We lost our cat almost 3 years ago .... it hurts for the longest time it does get better. Grieve at your own pace.... vent here if you have to. Don't let anyone discount your feelings.

Sending hugs & peace , Mel


Awww 💔 IM SO SORRY FOR YOUR LOSS! I can’t imagine your pain grief is hard.. and I think there are different ways to grieve I’ve never lost a pet but I did lose a friend... his heart gave out. He was on a transplant list he was 19

I know what your feeling I still cry sometime

I was angry

And had some denial about it

I actually was kind of sad about it today

And it’s been 4 years

So I know how u feel just differently 💕


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