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Anxiety and 478

I signed up to this a while ago for anxiety that was causing ectopic heartbeats.

I got beta blockers (40mg propranolol)

I was freaked out the first day at my heart rate dropping so low. From 80 odd to 49 at one point.

Once I was used to the fact that it wasn't going to kill me, they were great.

I used the extra space they created in my mind to address some of the issues causing my stress.

A flat with dry rot where noone would pay their share was a big one. Relationships between me and my teenage daughter. Mum with terminal cancer fixed itself unfortunately.

I tried to communicate without all the emotion but explaining how I felt or asking politely for assistance rather than trying to make people do the right thing because they should.

It worked, and without the stressors the anxiety is gone. My baby boy was just still born. No anxiety yet but then my problem peaked last time 10 weeks after my mum died.

Something that has really, really helped is 4.7.8 breathing. I don't take the pills anymore but when my baby boy was confirmed as dead in utero, the breathing was enough to stop me having a freaking heart attack on the spot.

In for 4 hold for 7 out for 8. I've done meditation in the past which weirdly made me anxious about my health as I was aware of so much more sensation from my body than before. This has no such side effects.

Just seems to unwind the elastic band.

Great for sleeping too.

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