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Need support

Hi my names anthony my anxiety has gotten real bad after getting allergies n cold I feel short of breath nose is blocked on n off tummy upset, tightness in chest now I just think I’m dying of COPD or congestive heart failure, no fever some sweats n chills also a real nasty cough in morning that makes me heave it’s been awhile since I’ve had a bad spell :(

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Hi Anthony,

I’m sorry you feel that way, I have anxiety and I worry about my health too. Doctors told me I have symptoms of ocd, mdd, gad, and ptsd. I am on a few medications at the moment which are helping with most of the symptoms. If you’re feeling ill, maybe it’s best to get a check up and get some help. Hope u feel better soon! Happy new year 🎊


Been to the doctors a few times for allergies then I end up catching a full blown cold whenever I get like this I think the worst I was doing pretty good for awhile plus my dog has cancer and is dying I never thought everything at once would do this, I’m kust sitting in my room In the dark rocking back n forth hoping I don’t catch peaunomea or hope I don’t have a clot 🙁 I hate my mind sometimes plus appetite hasn’t been too good

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I’m sorry you feel that way. Is it possible u can get therapy or medication for those feelings? I’ve ordered a few self help books for anxiety and depression. I’m seeing a shrink and it is going very very well.


I’ve been through it all nothing helps but keeping busy right now feeling sick my dog dying and me having some fears bout taking on weight loss got me rattled, meds just made me more sick In the long run


If you don’t currently exercise, I suggest you start. Exercise is good for the mind and the body.


Hi Anthony. I get how you feel. I have health anxiety as well and worry when I don't feel well. I understand how you are feeling. Sorry about your dog must be really tough for you to be going through alot. We are here to help this community has been really good to me and all its members.


I’m so sorry to hear about your dog. I lost all 3 of mine 2 years ago, so I know how you feel. It really triggered my anxiety too. Something that I have to do when I get sick and feel anxious is to remind myself that it’s just a cold. Nothing more nothing less. Your body knows what to do to heal and it will. You just need to give it time. Try to push the fluids and rest.


*hugs* I hope you feel better soon! It sounds like you have that awful cold thats going around. That mixed with health anxiety & then physical anxiety symptoms honestly sounds like absolute hell. You have my sympathy.

Get yourself some Hot water with lemon & honey in hot water (+ ginger if you have some) Big fluffy duvet & maybe some paracetamol. Your favourite box set on Netflix and/or fave film ever. If you dont feel any better in a day or two see a pharmacist or Dr. They might have something to help you feel better.

Very Best Wishes



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