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hi all i am new here just sighed up a few days ago i suffer from health anxiety for over a year and half it started as something small a fear of chocking then i was afraid to go out in case something happened and just grow in to something big i dont like leaving my home and i dont like it when im on my own its just taken over i suffer with panic attacks often everyone fed up with me being like this they have tried to help me but its failed i just want a normal life back to how i was before this happen its taking everything from morning till night i feel symptoms tight throat shaking feeling faint ache and pains breathing issues ect panicking all the time i never used to be like this and just found out i could have asthma too so that sent me over thinking every time i cough or tickle in my throat i panic iv read story's i just cant enjoy life like i used too i was getting better then i went backwards i never thought the mind could be this powerful iv had ecgs blood tests chest xray other x rays all good apart from the lung test which could mean asthma but i dont have copd im 27 years all and live like this

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I suffer from health anxiety as well. And lately it has gotten to a point where I am beginning to fear leaving the house because I have had a few near to passing out episodes the last few weeks. It's hard for people who don't go through this aND don't know what it is like to understand, they think you can just get over it. I know how you feel

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Hi mini2525

You sound identical to me I also have health anxiety too and it's dreadful because it takes over your whole life doesn't it..mine's the same every pain I have I always think it's something bad or even terminal and I get myself into such a state I literally make myself ill with worry and "what ifs"

My brain is constantly going and if I concentrate on one part of me when that's gone I will search for something else to fret over and then it's the same repeat over and over again and it's exhausting to say the least...I too don't like going out I also feel safe at home I feel my home is my comfort blanket I am so safe there I wake up panicky for no reason at all apparently it's our body and anxiety that does this to us because our mind tells our body we are In Great danger and must protect ourselves from harm.... and it's a very lonely ordeal no one who doesn't understand you gets you and probably wouldn't give you the time of day they just don't get it do they....

Take care I'm always here if you need a chat

Nat xx


thank you

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