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What Can I Do To Feel Better?

That's the question that underlies most of the questions we post here on our anxiety community. As our community grows, and as we all become more "expert" at understanding, we get closer to the answer. For us to grow, we have to invest two things.

First, our time. Our time in posting, replying and in listening to the feelings and concerns each of us have. May I suggest that, in 2018, we also invest a few minutes each month to encourage others to join our community. I believe our "sweet spot" in membership will be around 35,000...right now, we're at 30,000. Let's try to get five thousand people to join us by next December.

Second, our money. Malecare facilitates this community. Though Malecare looks like a men's cancer nonprofit, we're one of the leading nonprofits focused on anxiety and adjustment disorders. We've got a tiny office in a co-working space and internet and software bills to pay. Being a USA based 501c3 nonprofit organization means we also have to pay a bookkeeper and accountant, to fill out our required tax forms...much more expensive to do than you may imagine. We also pay for the occasional consultant to design things, or help us with IT questions. We have consultants and freelance people to pay for the occasional work project. And, several other expenses, too, including a very small staff. All told, we have one of the lowest budgets among all of our counterpart organizations, and yet, I feel, we do the greatest amount of good. I believe, this year, more than any other year, we have earned your trust and your good will. Please donate to keep us going at malecare.org/donate You can use your credit card for any currency and country, though you will have to "state" the amount in US dollars...no worries, the application is secure and will make the conversation through your local bank or credit card service.

You can also mail us a check to:

Malecare , Third Floor, #39, 85 Delancey Street, New York NY 10002, USA

Many thanks in advance!


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