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Would a brain tumour cause fluid build up in ears and neck pressure?

Is having fluid in your ears normally a sign of a infection rather then a Brian tumour that's causing my hearing problems? Would a Brian tumour cause fluid build up? I'm just wondering as the ringing in my ears is unbearable and i'm having pressure in my neck, I always feel like I have to rest my hand on my face to supposed it? Had it for 3 months.

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Kayley, for peace of mind maybe see your doctor and discuss this with him or her. I would have thought this is much more likely to be some inner ear disfunction rather than a tumour. I've had ear problems on and off over the last 10 years and often wake up with a feeling of a blockage in one ear but it clears itself after an hour or so when I'm up. Sometime I get pulsile tinnitus with it, I can hear my heart beat but it doesn"t bother me and I forget about it, don't have it now. At least it means my heart is beating o.k.☺

I saw an ear specialist years ago, they did an mri scan of my brain but found nothing but then I wasn't expecting them to. Maybe you could ask for one if these, it's a special small mri that only your head goes into, It's no big deal.

They said I had Minieres Disease which I think means the blood vessels serving the ears are a bit blocked, they gave me tablets but I only take them if I get vertigo, my balance isn't what it was, and on long walks I use a stick but then I'm 74 so have to expect that sort of thing. They said to cut down on salt intake so I use Lo-Salt which is only one-third sodium chloride and two-thirds potassium chloride. That's all I know about ears, Kayley. So the bottom line is that brain tumour seems unlikely but do see your doctor and get a referral to an ENT specialist and ask for a brain scan for reassurance.


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