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Anxiety about Christmas Day!

I have had a build up of anticipatory anxiety about Christmas. I am not an old Scrooge or a miserable person. I simply get anxious about it being Christmas Day. It is that feeling that on that day the world seems to stop. My anxiety is particularly around being unwell on that day and not being able to access treatment.

I know that in hospitals, the police and other emergency services that on 25th December it is largely business as usual. Where I work, they only on Christmas day. I am pleased that I am due back at work on Boxing day and that "normality" will return, Do any of you have similar feelings and how do you cope?

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Hello :-)

Happy Christmas :-)

Yes I relate to what you are saying and yet there would always be the emergency services they are there no matter what day of the year is

Have you ever asked yourself this fear has it ever come true ?

Unless the answer is yes regular it happens most years I think you have to start telling yourself that it is your Anxiety creating this to see how much it can try and spoil your day as that is exactly what it wants !

I also think there is so much hype around Christmas that for some of us we find it hard to cope and yes we just want normality back :-)

You are not the only one though that thinks this way and I hope you have a lovely Christmas day :-)

Take Care x


Thanks that is really appreciated :)

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I am similar as I love normality and routine and whilst I also love Christmas it's also nice to go back to normal shortly afterwards

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Me too.


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