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Chest pains, will they ever stop?


I keep getting chest pains. It always seems to be in the center of my chest and lasts for a few minutes to ten minutes then stops. My heartbeat also seems a bit off to me. Is this anxiety, is it my meds. I'm staying alone in my apartment for the first time since this started. My tongue is also tingling. I'm kinda nervous something is going on with me.

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Ok....firstly you need to see the doctor to rule out anything medical. Yes anxiety can present itself with similar symptoms than a heart attack but i would really really prefer it if this was ruled out then we can help you with how to cope when it happens. When you get the chest pain....does it feel like it's a stabbing pain, like little twinges or does it feel like someone is squeezing your heart. If it's a crushing, central someone is sat on you and you feel sick?. The palpitations many of us learn to live with and I can help you with those once you've seen someone. I'll give you a few things to do to see if it helps...ok?. When they start, cough. And I mean one big belly cough. Try it once more if they haven't stopped. Another is pretend you are blowing up a balloon...make a fist and take a full gulp of air and slowly slowly slowly blow it into the side of your clenched fist...its almost like holding ones breath. The third...and the one that works for me is hold your breath and push down on your bottom(like you are having a 💩💩💩) you will probably feel pressure in that area. Your face will probably go red but works. And when I say push .. push. Nothing else should occur lol. I know what it's like to live with this and after I changed my lifestyle and even diet....palps eased initially then stopped altogether as did the chest pains. Bearing in mind I had all the checks medically first. It's paramount you take deep breaths when you feel this come on. For example...breath in thro your nose 1...2...3...4...then very verrry slowly out thro a small opening in your mouth 5.....6.....7.....8. Repeat if necessary. When you also get the pains...write down the times(humour me) there could be something at that time of day that you've had it before and you'll see a pattern. Good luck and pls pls see a doc prior to doing anything. The exercises won't hurt anyway but if there is anything needs sorting ASAP!. Pls could you let me know how you get on with either the docs or exercises. Sending you my best wishes. Janie

I've had EKG's when this first started, but yeah, I'm gonna get it rechecked.

Please do. It's unusual for ppl to have palps when the ECG(our EKG) but if you mention it...they should help. It's horrendous and I've had it many times. Try those exercises when they come and I hope they help. If you need some relaxation exercises...give me a nudge and I'll send you some. J

Ohhh sorry....i forgot to mention. Yes meds can do all sorts of pesky little nasties so pls get any checked if you think they could be causing depends how long you've been taking them as once they've been in ones system a while they don't or shouldn't cause any problems. Staying alone for the first time isn't easy so it yes could very well be that. I'm only being cautious here bcas that little organ ❤ that keeps us going....needs looking after. J

Its possible it could be the meds, or could be the anxiety; anxiety is bloody awful; i have it almost constant right now; maybe get back to the drs; in case side effects/ and discuss anxiety again x


I’ve had chest pains for over a month, now I’ve got cold they are really bad stabbing pains and in my back and shoulders. Had an ECG Friday and Doctor was happy with how it looked. Still worried me when I get them but have to tell myself they aren’t cardiac related.

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