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Celexa dreams


Has anyone had any weird dream while taking antidepressants? I have been taking Celexa 20mg for a while and I have very vivid dreams. I want to stop taking meds all together. I go back for a checkup in feb and I am going to ask the dr to ween me off. I think if I stick to a good diet therapy and exercise I can make it. The holidays are not a good time for it’s always stressful this time of year

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Insanely vivid yes...

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I had to record this as soon as I woke up for an example. I had a dream last night that I was pregnant, in labor and the doctor diagnosed me with cervical cancer. He sent me home while dilated and hemorrhaging. My husband said he wanted a divorce and then I told him about the cancer and he said “that sucks”. Suddenly I’m in a taxi cab and some guy is trying to take my daughter. I pull out a 6 foot rifle and make him sit and wait while I go through a box of bullets that are labeled with really obscure names that I could actually read in my dream. Soooo, like that? Lol 😂🤷🏻‍♀️ Geesh night wonder we wake up anxious!

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That a great dream lol 😂👍.

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Right 😂

I have nightmares, but my antidepressant isn't causing them.

I'm on 40 mg going on2 months started on 20 mg for the first month I didn't dream at all now I dream and they are odd but nothing I can't deal with I guess

I want to go off them all together my anxiety is caused by stress

I have been dealing with agoraphobia and severe panic disorder so I'm gonna stick with them took me 6 yrs to get help because I'm terrified to travel or be in public places so since I took that leap I'll see where else I can leap with help

The thing is I’m

Not afraid of anything. It’s just when I get really stressed out it’s affects me for a while. I am going back to the doctor in feb I am going to ask to be weaned off. I am going to make some lifestyle changes. I hate facing my fears

Sounds like you might benefit more from like valium or xanex something you don't need to take everyday but works fast when you need it

Xanax I was a zombie and Valium no way

Really I take 2.5 mg of valium as needed along with my cylexa it's been a lifesaver

What are the side effects

I never had any side effects with valium, but about 20 min after taking I'm relaxed calm and can actually deal with things without panicking

Celexa has made me gain weight

I haven't really noticed to much weight gain but I have noticed either I eat good or not at all

I don’t want to take anything to be honest I hate the way it makes me feel I have become so lazy

I would give valium a try it really isn't bad I was scared to take it but I'm so glad I did

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