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Update on Celexa


This is my fifth day of taking celexa 20mg. I know they usually say it takes awhile before it starts to work but I already feel a major difference . The only side effect I am feeling is insomnia. The first day I was so sleepy. During the day, I get sleepy for about a hour and it wears off. When I get upset, something clicks in my brain and it decreases. No crying spells or anger outbursts. I have more patience now with my child who has ADHD. I also experience dizziness but it goes away after a while. I am able to socialize more before I totally was isolated. I have no desire to have sex but small price to pay for me for being able to function everyday.

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Good for you Use4567, you are certainly one of the lucky ones to respond so quickly. Apparently your doctor found the right med as well as dosage. You seem to have a good positive outlook which makes all the difference in the world. There is no price that anyone can put on being able to function everyday. As for the other little things, they will eventually disappear as your brain gets use to the medication. Continued success in feeling better each day. :)

User4567 in reply to Agora1

Thanks today is a bad day for me the response was short lived. I feel like sh.... today. But it could be because of my first day of my period. That may be what I'm feeling.

Agora1 in reply to User4567

User4567, your menses most likely is playing into it. Keep positive. It may be a little up and down for a while until you are at therapeutic dose. x

User4567 in reply to Agora1

I was feeling good until yesterday when it started. I'm very irritable today and just wanna sleep

That is so good to hear! I have only been on Celexa for about a week and a half. I already feel a difference! Especially going through college and being in public all day. I don't have the symptoms of anxiety, besides being a little bit anxious, of course. I do get a little irritable at times but I rather feel like that then be extremely anxious. I'm right here with you! Hope you begin to feel better☺

I am on week 4 I still get a lil anxious sometimes but not like I was. The dizzy spells have stopped. I am able to work without going home early. I can stay without running outside to catch my breath from a anxiety attack. I am able to sleep at night better. I'm getting better at handling situations with people. I have a lil more patience with stupid people. I don't wanna say I lack emotions but I feel less empathy when I need too. I cut a lot of people out my life who were stressing me out. People were draining me. I have more energy than ever to handle day to day life. My self esteem is coming back. I am starting to care about things I use to care about. I have returned to my fav past time shopping.

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