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About to go to work but i feel like im going to pass out

Im so lightheaded and I only got 3 hours of sleep because I was lightheaded last night too and my stomach feels all weird and the. Derealization is super bad and idk how im going to do this :c the worst part is my boss is picking me up and when im anxious car rides have a tendency to make me freak out :(

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Nothing is going to happen to you,I feel like that a lot and never passed out,you need to go to work it will distract you from the anxiety,it will only make it worse staying at home with the over thinking x


Firstly take some deep breaths then tell yourself nothings going to happen to you. This is your mind working overtime and it's working!!. As scary as this feeling will pass. Do something to take your mind off it. Splash your face with water or I found doing sit ups a great distraction and I could also control my breathing that way. This worked for me but doesn't everyone. I initially would think of nothing else apart from doom and gloom and after reasoning with myself that I was really ok...i started doing things to help with the anxiety when it came. Let us know how you get on later if you can. Janie.


Lightheadedness is something that's quite common among people with high anxiety. Just accept the feeling, anxiety is full of fake symptoms, you won't fall over or collapse or anything else, people never do. Get into the car and accept the bad feelings for the moment, don't fight them, agree to co-exist with them calmly and with the minimum of fear that you can.

Then eventually your nervous system will calm itself because you're not constantly plying it with non-stop fear. And at that point you will be free at last.


Hi Jeff 1943 that was very good answer.I to had to remind myself today not to fight anxiety just let it wash over you.started this morning had a coughing fit and then my heart started racing then I could hear my beating inside my ears.started to get panicky ! Then told myself calm down its the coughing that has started it off you will be fine! Few minutes later and a few deep breathes and I started to feel calmer.and off I went to work.


Thank you guys so much, you have no idea how helpful you are. I made it through the day. (:

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