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Anxiety about sickness, eating and leaving my house

For about 3 weeks I have had an immense fear of talking to people outside of my home. I have had a fear of getting sick for as long as I can remember. Every time I feel so anxious and get the feeling I will gag or dry heave and sometimes I actually do. It’s the worst feeling in the world and it feels like I have no control over my body. I’m scared of eating because I’m afriad I will be sick. I just started taking 20mb of Celexa yesterday. Does anyone else deal with these things as well and has anyone found luck with Celexa in treating anxiety disorders?

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Hey, your not alone, I've lost a lot of weight do to not eating because of the same fear. When I have anxiety/panic attacks I get nauseous and I experience some anxiety everyday and it's always on the back of my mind if I'll get sick so it keeps me from going places. Makes seeing friends hard and I don't feel comfortable having people over. I'm not on medication just by choice. Try sticking to foods you like. Have toast, rice, fruits anything you find you like. Not eating is horrible, if you find yourself feeling ill carry mint gum or candies. I hope the medication helps you. Keep us updated and don't hesitate to dm me!

Hope your doing well

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I can relate to you I have been sick most days for over 20 yrs due to anxiety


mashed or smashed potatoes, with butter, cheese,Philly cheese, etc was my go to when I got like this. It goes down very easily, never ever made me sick at the stomach and had enough calories that I felt good.


I am sick most days especially when I wake up. I can get anxious about anything. I had a disagreement with someone today and when I come off fone I thru up. I am nauceous thruout the day. Iv been sick in my sleep cuz of having knitemares. Iv been like it over 20yrs.


I read the book, by Louise Hay called YOU CAN HEAL YOUR LIFE<

and she says in the book that nausea and vomiting is

A REJECTION OF IDEAS, and it calmed me right now.

I learned what precipitated the thought and it got way better.


Allow yourself to feel that feeling of maybe getting sick and allow yourself to feel no control all over your body. Once you do that a couple times you will no longer be bothered by it. Don't look for the easy way out. Challenge the feeling, take it on, and you will become free of it. Be a warrior. It will stop bothering you when you stop running away from it. Don't play the victim (even though you are afraid). Play the courage.


REH, you are not alone.. There is a guy on YouTube (older English man) who talks about this. He was the first person I watched who talked about Clair Weeks. Then I found this forum. Learned more about Clair Weeks.

Your feelings are totally NORMAL for you at this time.

It will get better. Try youtube to see how others get over this.

You will be fine. Be patient with yourself and accept how you feel right now. It's ok to feel like you do, just accept it.

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