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Bad symptoms :(

Currently I’m experiencing left side head pain feels like a stabbing inside my head on and off kinda behind the eye area to mid brain, I have blurrier vision in my left eye than my right, Rushing feeling in my left arm (I get this time to time...not sure what it is though) are these from anxiety? I’m always worried of a stroke or something terrible

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Hey...i have seen all your post and i feel for you i honestly think this is where i feel most comfortable on this site to talk to others everything you described is me also...i totally understand with saying everything how you feel everytime i feel something that’s random i wanna write up here but i don’t want anyone to say “watch how much you post” bottom line it’s very simple for someone to say “just chill” or “you’re fine” its another thing for us to actually believe it especially because our brain is on “worry mode” every day every second every minute the only thing i can tell you is to just keep yourself busy constantly if you can...and if you don’t feel comfortable writing all your post on this page in general write them to me and i will respond because i know exactly how you feel...then anxiety gets even worse when your questions or statements about YOUR anxiety doesn’t get an answer from someone else...lol i COMPLETELY UNDERSTAND and I’m here...direct message me privately anytime you need some reassurance

Love always and hope you feel better✨

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Hi Crysyy thank you so much I truly appreciate you taking the time to reply to my post!! I’m so glad someone on here is kind and can relate so well to what I’m going through. Let me send you a private message now girl thank you so much for being so sweet 🤗

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Anytime ❤️


Your so sweet 💕💕💕


Heyy i been experiencing the same pain head eye i cant stand to much light it starts @ night & by morning its find the Dr told me it was my sinus not saying thats you all problem also hope you feel better soon cause ik your pain & thats what this sites for ppl shouldn't judge you bc were all here for support of supporting


Blurred vission is a symptom related to ibrutinib. If u visit imbruvica.com u can check ur symptoms with imbtuvica side effects. More over u can c ur symptons r not that bad.


But to make sure i strongly recommend u to please:

1.visit a neurologist

2.visit an ophtalmologist


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