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Everyday symptoms , who can relate?

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Here are my symptoms that I suffer from everyday : dizzy , unbalance( feel like falling ), depersonalization/realization , head pressure, eye floaters , unease .

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I have everyday symptoms mine are mainly muscle twitches/vibrating feet/ dizzy and feeling spaced out, muscle aches, feeling like something in the back of my throat. Had a good couple of days where the muscle twitches have mainly been at night and not all day. I always try and ignore them like everyone says.

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My symptoms are very similar to yours. Muscle twitches everywhere and virtually constant especially feet. Feel unsteady, weak as a kitten and the pain! Sorry you have this stuff going on too. Makes me feel I'm going crazy! Big hug to everyone going through this stuff x

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Yup! I get: Derealization/ Headaches/ Trouble Sleeping/ Burning, Aching, Sharp, Tingly Pains/ Chest Discomfort/ Spaced Out/ Muscle Weakness/Feeling of Doom etc etc the list goes on....you are not alone in this!!!

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I also get terrible focus/concentration and memory problems too it’s awful. Feels like I go blank sometimes or that my eyes and head don’t quite match up

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I totally get this! Especially during my period or before it , pms lol :/

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My everyday symptoms are dizzy, short of breathe, head pressure and lately things don’t seem real, I don’t feel like im in my own body half the time.

I also get nauseous a lot too :(

Same here ! Are these symptoms 24/7 ? And do you all feel like it affects everything you do through out the day ?

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Yes pretty much!

Yes I have all that all day long, you are not alone. Take care

Same here. Everyday symptoms are chest discomfort, heart palpitations, pain all over, headache, dizziness, vertigo, spacey feeling, difficulty finding words, gripping fear, general unease, nausea, fatigue, and the list goes on... Its so hard to believe it could all be because of anxiety. Still looking for other answers.

Have an appt with my rheumatologist tomorrow to go over blood work. Maybe something will show up, but I doubt it. Everything always comes back normal. 🤷🏼‍♀️

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Hiya, im the same. Doctors keep saying anxiety. I'd really like to know what your rheumatologist says as I can't get an appointment with one x

Yes I have all these too. I've had depersonalisation for 12 years and it won't go away!

Same! Very hard to deal with. I have found that sleep issue make it worse. Also if I drink caffeine or eat a lot of carbs at night or a heavy meal

I have them since at least 1979.... Derealization and depersonalization, vertigo and fear of falling, palpitations and chest discomfort...and many more...I have had share of all of them and survived so far. Meanwhile I got my MD, and two postgraduate qualifications. I have a very successful life, but inside me...only I know, it is a chicken. Anxiety is now my friend, I miss it when it is not there... I have many achievements in life...all because i always planned ahead of time to avoid anxiety giving situations.

My advice after a lifetime experience with Anxiety is...make urself busy, do not sit idle even when u r at the worst, if possible go for CBT, otherwise help urself, u will never fall, U will have high achievements.

And I continue my research on anxiety and stressors. Trust me all of us have some history of some sort of childhood abuse or deprivation. If we write a list of those, and keep on living them again.... it helps in managing anxiety.

Goodluck and best wishes for all of u

Thank you everyone for your responses ! Sorry it took me long to reply I had a lot going on in my life . Of course it's adding on to my anxiety and making it worse . At least we all know and can find comfort in the fact that we are not alone . Best of luck to everyone . Xo

Hi I suffer daily. My main symptoms are dizziness, fuzzy/foggy head feeling,spaced out and cant focus watching tv or anything. Eyes often cant focus even had my eyes tested and all was ok so definately all down to anxiety. My body also twitches and often ill jump out of the blue. It is horrible when your suffering, if you havent visited your gp to rule out anything that could be underlying then that may be good start just to put mind at rest but does sound very much like anxiety .

Yes my symptoms to a T

every single day :( for 2.5 years, no relief.

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