Everyday :-(

Why do I feel so rubbish everyday. Even when I'm supposed to be enjoying myself im always worrying, I wake up wondering what hurts and what it is! I'm so stressed out, I just want to wake up feeling happy and no worries and no thinking what's wrong with me today. I want to enjoy things like I used to!


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  • Hello :-)

    Well I don't think you need to be a qualified Doctor to be able to pick up that you are suffering with HA and I think deep down you know that to but the anxiety is feeling stronger and trying to tell you otherwise which is how it keeps control till we take it back which you can and will and I think it is a good sign when we start to get sick and tired of been sick and tired of the way we feel because that can be a sign we will dig our heels in and are getting ready for change for the better :-)

    Have you had any therapy and if so did it help ?

    If it did then I would ask to be referred again and if you are waiting or have not had any I would ask my Doctor about a referral as I think you would find it very helpful :-)

    Look back when you get these thoughts and ask yourself out of everything you have thought is wrong with your health how many actually were , I bet not many if any at all :-)

    Take Care x

  • Thank you for your reply, I just feel like I could sit and cry, I'm worried all the time and scared!

    I no I have health anxiety. I just find it hard to believe that all these symptoms and thought are down to just that. I had cbt about 4 years ago and it did help to some extent. I have been referred again and I've got an appointment in a few weeks. I've been like this for so long now and it's really weighing me down.

    Thanks take care X x

  • Maybe have a good cry , it can help realize all these emotions you are feeling

    I am pleased you are down for some more therapy I am sure once this gets started things will slowly start to improve :-)

    Let us know how you get on :-) x

  • I do cry 😢

    I hope it does, I'm fed up

    Thank you X x

  • I understand all too well. Just once I'd like to wake up happy and not

    scared to death of what the day will bring. It's like an internal clock

    in me, day breaks and my anxiety kicks in full force.

    Please take care x

  • Oh it really is awful. What is your day like? And symptoms? I dread it, feel so rubbish all the time, all different emotions rolled into one 😩 Are you having therapy?

    Take care too X x

  • I wake up and first thing is that my stomach drops. Then I start shaking and the fear builds up in my upper stomach.

    Tears roll down my cheeks without any provocation. It just happens. I pray please don't let this happen again. I'm scared. I'm afraid to move, to make that first effort to get out of bed. After I do, I'm like a robot going down the steps, picking up clothes that need to be washed and straightening the house up. Same thing, same fears everyday. I now have fear of having cancer throughout my body. The agoraphobia keeps me from taking charge and making appointments with different doctors to address my fears. Maybe next week, maybe next week and before you know it months and then years go by and I am still worrying about the things I need to do. There is no joy in my life, it's mundane. I live to exist. I'm tired of the stress of life. I do have a therapist who has done phone therapy for 6 years. At one time, I was calling her everyday. Now I seem to have given up and may call her once every couple weeks just to update her. The stress of being on that phone and talking make me even more anxious since she pushes going forward. At the being of our therapy sessions it was more about relaxation, meditation and deep breathing. Now that it's come done to having to get

    myself out of the house and to appointments, I seem to not do well. Do you have the same worries and order of the day. Same thing, different day is how I feel. I wish you better than this. Life has so much to offer.

  • Aww I feel for you I really do 😩

    Mines usually get up and paint on a smile for my children, sort them and take them to school, go to shop if needed while it's quiet and then straight back home. I don't think I'd go out at all if I didn't need to, I have no choice for the kids. I come home and sort my youngest and house, spend most of the day standing around or fidgeting, I don't really like to sit, can't relax. My fear is usually cancer, I'm petrified everyday, can't get the thoughts/feelings out of my head! I used to go to the doctors loads of times a week, I've not been going as much recently, apart from for my injections. I hope you find the strength to be able to see your gp (or a home visit maybe?) and get yourself some proper help X x

  • Thanks dear, and take care of yourself too.

  • Hi Dizzychar, I am sorry you feel like this, I have been like this all my life and now I do get glimpses of times when I can escape this by using mindfulness and making sure every negative though I catch and think.. is this true what my mind is trying to have me believe? Often if not every time it is a lie so then I try just to notice things happening in my day where I have achieved something, even something as simple as the dusting having been done it loiks nice and tidy, a POSITIVE.. the more positive thoughts you can bring to your mind the better they then start to outdo the negative.. it takes some discipline but when you hit the level of suffering you are at like me you will be desperate to try anything.. try catching each thought as it happens and do as above.. is it true? If it isn't change your thought to a positive one etc.. hope I have explained this right it is how I am trying to live right now and that's with lot of pain but it can be done xx

  • Thanks so much for your reply, I'm sorry you feel this way too. Yes il try anything, I just need to practice it more, I seem to believe everything my minds telling me, and then the symptoms makes me believe even more. It's really awful, hope we can see a way out x

  • Yes join the club, me too!! A long time ago that feeling, too long. Now everything feels like well, you know what. Have spend £1500 on holiday to Morocco, hoping that the sunshine would do so much good, but no, think I am a jona, everybody else looking at me and saying Its my fault, have brought th bad weather with me. I AM a tryer, and don't want to wake up to wade out into the rain to keep dry, think the whole ozone layer not good. Our friends in Oz are complaing, extreme heat and no rain. Am off now., going to dry out after thunderstorm from lunch, yuk.x

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