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Stress related anxiety?

So been dealing with alot of live events recently the past couple of days..very stressful..

ever since then ive felt more tense and more anxious..my blood pressure has now been a lil higher than normal..in the morning it was 122/90..during day it could range up to 140/90..

went to the ER today since i felt major heavy head, sob, feeling like my legs wanted to give in.tingling in lower extremities mainly feet.and i got more amxious thinking my blood pressure probably spiked super higgh which was the reason i was probably feeling like that..

ekg, chest x ray, came back normal

blood tests normal

F.A.S.T (-_-) test normal

Ultrasound of of organs and blood vessels and arteries In chest cavity , abdominal and neck all came back normal

Blood pressure was normal (116/68)

was also given normal saline via iv possible dehydration..

i was actually feelt calm in hospital (maybe beacuse i felt “safe” there since thats my safety blanket you could say ..was in hospital for 6 hours

After being discharged Started experiencing occasional diziness, heavy eyes, and blood pressure was taken when i got home( it was 130/82...blood pressure was taken 15 min later (140/90)

am i not relaxing?..maybe overthinking it?..stress related blood pressure change?

ive been more anxious than ever now due to events and beacuse blood pressure is higher than normal:/

the good thing is that i have doctors appointment tomorrow..

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Any tips on being mentally stronger in dealing with all of this mess?



Yes, your anxiety is indeed stress related. Good to hear that the results of your tests at the ER came out normal.

I would suggest not to take a blood pressure reading until you meet your doctor tomorrow.

The blood pressure fluctuates throughout the day. Consecutive readings of blood pressure would only make it worse. Because here you would be thinking, "Oh! It's slightly elevated, maybe I need to relax". I assume you will take deep breaths, but you will end up thinking, what if it's high, am I not relaxing enough. And that is how you end up from 130/82 to 140/90.

Unfortunately, forceful methods of relaxation doesn't make it any better. In fact, our body relaxes involuntarily through normal breathing. It doesn't take commands from us or our thoughts to relax.

I am not a doctor, but the reason I am saying this with confidence is because I have been there!

Like you, even I fell into the trap of rechecking my blood pressure unnecessarily even when I am told that I have a normal reading.

Therefore, relax!!!! Alright?

And do let me know what the doctor says tomorrow.

Have a nice day.


Hello Ahuesa. Have been experiencing simillar symptoms to you after what has proved to be a difficult year or two in terms of health problems, a bereavement and ongoing problems with a kitchen installation that went to.pots. I feel strung up most of the time and am dreading going for a 24 hr bp test tomorrow as my bp has been running high. Please let me knoiw how you are getting on and if you are feeling better. X


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