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Bad thoughts

How do you stop the bad thoughts you get? I was diagnosed with GAD and depression recently - although I’ve known for years previous. I’ve been given anti depressants (sertraline 50mg) but the first lot (citalopram 20mg) made me really ill and I’m too scared to take the news ones. I also don’t want to become dependant on them.

But, my suicidal thoughts are getting so much more often and once I start crying I literally can’t stop. I’ll cry for HOURS. I’ve got an extremely puffy face today from crying last night and now don’t want to leave the house because it looks like I’ve been beaten up, without the bruising.

I know I won’t actually carry out the thoughts I have but they’re there more often than they were and I really don’t know how to cope with them.

My relationship is collapsing because of my constant low mood or snappy, paranoid behaviour

My dad also has cancer and is refusing treatment which is another massive weight that I just don’t know how to process.

Both issues just adding to the weight I’m carrying and struggling with.

I feel very stuck.

Any help would really be appreciated.

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Hi Anxiety_Aunt_, sorry you are going through such a rough time. My mother was put on anti depresSant a few months ago and had to leave them due to the terrible side effects. I have anxiety but I don't take any meds. What I do when I feel anxious depressed or sad is I talk to my friends take my mind of things. I recently discovered that reading the Bible helps me relax as well. I'm not religious but I have found a lot of comfort in it. I also try breathing exercises as well. These methods work for me at times, maybe one can work for you. Have you been seeing a psychologist? Maybe talking about your problems and the way you feel can also help.


this post may give you some ideas



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