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Paranoid of Stroke

I’m 22 years old and I’m always paranoid with every physical anxiety symptom that it’ll be a stroke. I obsessively check my smile in the camera to be sure that I’m not dropping. My smile naturally makes my lip go down to the right a bit but I still always worry anyway. Am I okay? I have been having random muscle weakness in right arm, and mouth and a little bit of dull pain on the left of my head. I keep feeling really blank and get scared cause I’m home alone. Am I okay? Thanks

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Yes, love. You should be find. When we get frightened or fixated on something our mind tricks us. For ex; when I lost my virginity I thought that I was pregnant and I was “showing signs” my period was even late. I guess that’s just how the body works. But you’re okay, just keep your mind off of it.

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Hey okay thank you so much I really appreciate it. I know everybody keeps on telling me to stop thinking about it and that I just need to relax. Thank you for taking the time to reply 😊

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I know how hard it can be to try to “just stop worrying” lol believe me. Just take a breather

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Oh for sure it’s really difficult to. Everyone tells me to relax but then I worry if I don’t focus on it then it’ll take over me and won’t be able to ask for help uggh! You’re right this is hard to do...Nice we have each other on this site for support though. Thanks agaij

I am the same, i at one point checked every vain in my body to see if I could notice a different looking one cause I was convinced I had a blood clot in my leg. I also worry when I get a sharp shooting pain in my neck it’s a sign of a stroke or a headache. You will be ok and it is very rare your age to have a stroke you just need to relax which is hard I know as I am as bad worrying about every little thing.

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Thanks for replying Kellylorraine,

I appreciate it. Is that right? I know it can be really frustrating like anxiety makes us fixated on things so hard it’s brutal tbh :( my symptoms are always changing but when they do I focus on them to be sure in case I need to tell somebody if I needed help. The dr at emerge last time I was there said the same thing he said it’s incredibly rare for someone as young and healthy enough person to have one. I still worry though of course it’s all part of the disease ugggh 😒

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Yeah and you always read them horror stories like I read one where a 28 year old woke up paralysed from a stroke which always scares me reading them. I just would like a day off and have no physical symptoms but I doubt that will happen anytime soon.

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Omg 😩 now that scared me more lol yeah like I definitely don’t want that to happen that’s terrifying waaaah.

Yeah me too I’d like to wake up one day and be normal. I wish humans were immortal so we didn’t have to struggle and shit cause this ain’t cute lol not one bit

Your 22 years old. A stroke won't strike you. The chances are probably .0000001% those dull pains are tention headaches. Just try to relax!

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Thank you and I know it sounds silly. This is what anxiety does though! Makes us believe the worst. It’s just cause I get confusion and mixed up in my head a lot along with muscle weakness time to time so that’s why I worry but also I have the worst sleep schedule so I guess that could contribute to the not good cognitive functioning lol

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Yeah. It surely sucks. But all you can do is to keep going

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That’s true thanks so much you’re right :)

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