Does anyone else get paranoid about what they eat? I've noticed lately I am really cautious about who prepares the food I eat and what is in it... even when drinking something I wonder if someone has put drugs or something in it... I'm actually freaking myself out when I have these thoughts, although they aren't all the time but most of the time yes.

fear it's really not normal to think those things :( totally unrealistic thoughts and I'm concerned it may not be the anxiety causing me to think these things. So if anyone else has these thoughts please speak up, some reassurance that I am not alone or going crazy would be fantastic right now!


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  • I do experience this scary, panicky, over obsessive mannerism about other things. For myself and after much thought and back and forth to various doctors, I believe there is always some underlying reason why these obsessive thoughts occur. It could be something has occurred in our lives where we know or heard of someone getting sick or dying because someone put something in their food or drink. Then we begin to internalized the thoughts and make them personal to us. This can cause a feeling of reality to us and we begin to apply it to our lives. What I've done for myself is talk myself thru it. I've said ok I'm making this feel like it is real and going to happen to me but it's not real. Then I test myself by forcing myself to deal with the fear to demonstrate that things will be ok. For instance, I would wash my hands quite frequently before eating. Other ppl noticed it. So I had to force myself on occasions to not wash my hands just to prove to myself that yes washing my hands is a good healthy thing but if I don't do this every time before I eat, it won't kill me.

    Hope this helps you some.

  • Thank you, Yeah something did happen similar to what you have described. I'm thinking that probably has something to do with it. Thank you so much for your reply

  • Yes I have the excact same thoughts it's terrible thought it was just me lol. I can't take tea of anyone or food :( But your not alone .

  • It's so good to hear I am not the only one. My anxiety has been sp unbearable lately... :'( I wish I could run away from it but I know I can't it will just follow me.. I am so scared I'm going to have a heart attack or something :'( I just want my life back

  • im very paranoid about what im eating and who made it......sometimes it ruins my meal time cos I have all these thoughts running through my it cooked properly?......did they have clean hands?......will it make me ill?......good god its never ending sometimes so I totally understand where your coming from.....and it drives the people around me up the wall when I keep asking about it. mine comes from having really bad IBS with the worst stomach cramps ever, have now found out after seeing someone about it that im lactose intolerant, wheat leaves me very uncomfortable and gluten, well still experimenting. think back at when it first started and what worried you so much? x

  • I have these thoughts and only eat and drink from certain people totally irrational but can't help it,I've been practically houseband with panic and anxiety since last august,I too just want my life back this is living hell xxx

  • It's absolutely ridiculous, I feel like my life is just f@#$÷! To be honest.. I have like no friends, I'm tired of coming home from work and the only person I have to talk to is my mum. I want friends, I want a life and i want someone to fall in love with me, for who I am my flaw and all. Someone who won't ever give up on me. I will never have friends or a family of my own and that hurts so bad. I feel so alone

  • 3 days ago i was eating a cupcake at this party, and suddenly i thought that someone put something in there like drugs or smth. Obviosly no one put drugs in it but i started panic, i couldn't breath and i for like 3min i was so freakin panicked. after 1 day it get worse everything i was eating i was feeling that panic inside me for a minute sometimes 3-4. its awfully. today i was eating a pizza and it happened again. i don't know what it is but i'm so freakin scared and paranoid. i don't know what to do

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