Incredible Pain

I've just had a massive stabbing pain in the centre of my chest. But after suffering with panic attacks I kno that it wasn't my heart but unfortunately my anxiety has kicked in now and it keeps hurting. It's like the pain you get when you over stretch your arm and then you feel it in your chest. Anyone else got this before? Nothing to worry about right?


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5 Replies

  • Im not sure if its the same thing but I get back pain that wraps around into the sides of my chest... I was told from my doctor that it was from my muscles. Also been told several times that nothing is wrong with my heart. But still worries me. Not sure if its the same. Hope you feel better!

  • I've had exact same but today it got the better of me! It's so hard sometimes to accept it.

  • It really is!! I know how you feel trust me! My mood is so up and down about everything. One minute I feel fine the next boom I feel like heck. So hard to accept

  • Mine is the sternum so I have to accept that's just bone pain or a muscle pain. I've had it prior to anxiety so I wouldn't of worried back then. I'm in a foreign country which makes it worse. If I were at home I'd be better I think.

  • i have bone pain from head to pelvic area and not recognised by gp but consultant has yet still gp ignores the consultants diagnoses.something must cause pressure on sternum and ribs which is what i get

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