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My journey has been long since my first experience with the stomach virus. Many twists and turns and very unfortunate (and unbelievable) events have transpired. Doctors have randomly chose drugs that all seemed to make things dramatically worse (predisone, cortical steroids, antibiotic regiments, protonix).

A few things I know for sure is that I have gastroparesis, Sinus disease, high cortisol, swollen liver. My symptoms are bloodshot eyes, Body acne, central chest pain, extreme cravings for sugar, sugar intolerance, abdominal pain, lack of energy, frequent athletes foot, mild tremor, trouble thinking straight, undernourishment, fatigue, feelings of apathy, dizziness, anxiety, tired, irritable, muscle aches and low sex drive.

Here are the symptoms of Candida that I have...

Chronic Fatigue*, Brain fog*, Digestive issues*, Sinus Infections*, Food allergies*(tested negative for all food allergies, sugar and milk effect my well being), Chronic Athlete's Foot*, Low mood*, Dizziness* (caused by toxins released by Fungal Bacteria in the gut directly into the blood stream), body acne*, irritability*, low sex drive*, muscle aches*, anxiety*.

Medication side effects that can feed Candida...

Predisone*, Protonix*, continual use of antibiotics*, Iron suppliments*.

Tests needed for verification: Comprehensive Stool Panel (Fungal/parasitic); CBC; IgG IgA IgM Candida Antibody blood test, Urine Organix Dysbiosis.

...I may have a winner.

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It’s great that you are finally getting a diagnosis and answers to your problem. Know how frustrating it is trying to get a diagnosis somethings as many symptoms can mimic other problems.


I did the full regiment of stool tests this morning and will be doing the hydrogen breath test tomorrow. When mentioning candida, my GI thought i was making it up. I asked her if she had even heard of candida and she said no.

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Hi Dave,

May I ask how you are and whether you got a diagnosis in the end?


Hey Curtis,. I ended up having problems with my stomach and gallbladder due to MALS.


Dave, I'm so sorry for my delayed reply. I didn't notice you got back to me.

Can I ask how you came to learn that you had MALS? I'm suffering similar to your symptoms above so this is of interest to me. Thanks very much


All my celiac ganglion problems are related to a fall I had last year. Major trauma.


Have you had any progress with your symptoms?

Sorry to ask but what impact did the fall have on you? Extreme pain, increased heart rate etc?


The only progress is scarring of the nerves and corrective surgery.


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