I hate you

Dear Anxiety,

Youve made your presence very well known for such a long time. Please just go away. I'm tired of fighting you everyday. I'm tired of missing the old me. I'm tired of being tired. I'm tired of missing out on outings because of you. Why cant you just leave me. The chills are enough. The physical pain your causing is enough. Please go away.

Thanks now please go!!!!


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  • Get lost anxiety, we know you're a nobody. You make us feel bad but so what? We can still function despite the discomfort, so who cares? You're only a blip in our tired nervous systems, I know that now I've stopped fearing you your days are numbered. So bog off, you bully. You can't kill me, can't disable me, can't send me cuckoo. You don't even show up on an MRI scan, you're nothing, you're a nobody. Why be scared of a nobody?

  • Amen to that! Ive been ignoring this bully for so long but it seems like this bully is learning new ways to manipulate me and my feelings. Now it's got me feeling like I need to run for hours to release the adrenaline rush I'm getting constantly. Like I just downed a gallon of black coffee. It's ruining my moods and making me depressed causes me to be tired. Like that feelimg you get in your chest when your holding on a hard cry. All day long Ughh just go away!

  • Annoyingly it only goes away when we let it be, I'm new at acceptance therapy and it's incredibly hard but it's true, the only times/days I feel better at all is when it's in the background and I'm not trying to force it away.

    Don't get me wrong today was another day where I told it to FUCK THE FUCK OFF countless times.

  • You're right, Richy, acceptance therapy is a hard ride and it takes time to quiten down our nervous system and make it lose its sensitivity. And time and patience is what we feel we don't have so many people read the book like Claire Weekes' 'Self help for your nerves' and they shout 'Hey, this book is written about me', I mean it's so reassuring, acceptance seems so logical, so they start and then 2 days later they give up because they're not cured. I say to you Richy and Victoria: it took months maybe even years to make your nervous system over-sensitised so why expect recovery in 48 hours? If to begin you only manage to 'glimpse' acceptance for a few minutes well that's a good start. Only when you've accepted all the symptoms to the point where it doesn't matter much whether they're there or not does anxiety disorder leave you, your nervous system pacified and back to normal. So read the book, watch Claire Weekes' short inspirational talks on YouTube and just practice, practice, practice. You can do it with patience and practice, just never give up because meds buy you relief for as long as you take them but only therapies based on Face - Accept - Float - Let time pass bring recovery and the return of your quiet mind.

  • I agree I was fine on the meds until I stopped taken them. It seems like my anxiety came overnight. Or maybe it didn't until I had my breakdown. I don't expect to be cured overnight but I want relief. The brain dog is annoying the mispronunciation of words the stumbling the rocking back and forth all need to end. It seems like every time I close my eyes I get anxiety shakes & chills like I'm freezing but I'm not.

  • Ugh can you teach me the ways of acceptance. I've been trying g so hard to accept but it's like it's not allowing me to. I've been doing so good but then I got shingles & went downhill It feels like. I'm back to the racing heartbeat the chills then hot flashes the chest tightness and the constant worrying feeling. I don't wanna be back on meds but I guess I'm going to have to...

  • Victoria, sorry didn't mean you expected to be cured overnight. To understand acceptance get it from the horse's mouth, search for Claire Weekes on YouTube and order a copy of her book that I mentioned from Amazon, you can pick up a used copy for next to nothing plus postage.

  • Btw, in the U.S. that book has a different title: "Self help with your nerves".

  • I heard alot about that book. Does it actually help?

  • Search amazon.com for this book and read a few of the 500+ reader reviews. Over 90% rate it Very Good or Excellent and the phrase 'Saved my life' appears frequently in the reviews.

  • Ok I'll look into it. Have you read it?

  • I've read it about 10 times since 1974. Have you read Beevee's post 'Stop doing this to yourself', it's long but it's brilliant and its all based on the Acceptance method of recovery first developed by Claire Weekes.

  • I think I found the book I wish there was a way I can send it to you so u can tell me if it's the right one.... No I haven't read that is it on here?

  • If you're in the U.S. its title is 'Hope and help for your nerves' by Claire Weekes. Exactly the same book is titled 'Self help for your nerves' in the U.K. I've no idea why they varied the title.

  • Ok well I made a post & agora said it's the correct one so I ordered it.

  • You won't be disappointed, Victoria.

  • Hello Jess ive been trying to find beeve's post how do you search for members? Think that post would be a good read for me.

  • Just go to the list of postings that opens when you open this forum and scroll down until you fing Beevee's post "Stop doing this to yourself", o.k. Cwoods.

  • Ok I'm going to look for it

  • You are your anxiety

  • Apparently but Idk how to fix me

  • What are you doing for your anxiety to go away?

  • I just try to stay active but its like fighting a brick wall

  • On YouTube there are videos on psychology. Watch some on anxiety and you will understand what anxiety is about and why your body does what it does.

    Once you realise why and how, you will be able to help yourself

  • Ok I'll look into it. Last night I went put with my boyfriend and I felt no anxiety at all or even the chest tightness feeling. As soon as we were on our way home, BOOM I felt my chest again. Now all day today o feel it.

  • You have something at home that troubles you ?

  • Sort of. Its just stressful everyday. The more I looked at my life the more I'm starting to understand. I think I'm have a hard time adjusting to a new relationship & lifestyle. Alot of things led me up to where I'm at today with the anxiety & depression.

  • There is a lead up for most people with anxiety and depression but you weren't always like this and you won't always be like this.

    Don't fight change, what you go through today will be your strength for tomorrow, go with it.

  • Tjays what one as telling myself yesterday I'm done fighting it. I just want it to let up a little or these drs need to explain stuff more in detail. I wish I knew what was up with my chest cause the more i researched the more I think it's not the chest muscles tightening I tho k it has something to do with my asthma acting up.

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