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How do you experience anxiety

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Hi guys, I have general anxiety for about 2 years now, coming and going. Coping pretty ok but there are times that it is really bad. I usually experience headaches, dizziness and I have sleepless nights. How do you experience anxiety? Especially the headaches if you have any; where is the anxiety headache located? I am also a hypochondriac which does not help with the anxiety. I try not to google the things I feel or the things I think I have. I usully think I have a tumor or cancer or any other serious scary disease. I do my bloodworks and general check up at least 2 times a year. For fun and to take my mind off of anxiety, I exercise reguralry and do fun things. Praying and seeking God helps me calm down. Please share how you experience and cope with your anxiety. Any tips?

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Linds1, there was a time that I allowed anxiety to take over my life. Not because I wanted to but I didn't know any other way in coping with it's overpowering feeling. The tension headaches and the lightheadedness were there daily. Some sleepless nights until I was put on medication.

Tension headaches are chronic as long as the anxiety is not addressed. In between those headaches, migraines would appear. It was like having one long headache. Anxiety made me fearful of everything. Of life itself. Afraid to live and more afraid to die. Stuck in a Limbo. Tension headaches better known as Muscular contraction headaches are just that. The muscles get so intensely tight and end up producing muscle knots which are known as trigger points usually located in back of neck and/or shoulder with referred pain to the forehead.

Massage therapy can help in releasing the trigger point and in turn the pain comes down. Making sure you are well hydrated through the day can make a big difference with headaches. I learned all this after the many years of suffering. Now, I never get a headache. the life around me is still the same but the reaction to it isn't. Wish you well, we are here for you. xx

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Thanks for sharing and taking your time to answer. I am really trying to keep anxiety out but it is hard at times. I am coping OK, I just have bad moments, usually a couple of times a day, but I am progressing.

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