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GAD sufferers, do you experience this

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Hi, Its been a while since my last visit but I'm down in the dumps again. I wanted to make a post about Generalised anxiety, the kind that sort of feels like you're on the brink of a panic attack or breakdown but never quite there.. the sort that lasts days and leaves you struggling to do basic tasks without some symptom scaring the life out of you. Ive recently fallen into this pit again, dizziness and an 'off' feeling in my body keeps me from getting out of bed to do basic tasks, most of the time it's triggered by a headache or some kind of stress related issue.. either way I'm wondering if anyone experiences something similar at all. I'll be seeing my Dr soon about medication, its been years since I last tried any medication other than xanax

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Hi suriael, talking with your doctor regarding medication might be the right time now.

Just to break that cycle of fear that you are in. I remember several months ago you mentioned you couldn't go out alone, has the agoraphobia gotten better?

Xanax certainly can help but after a while, it no longer works unless you keep upping the dose. I too was on Xanax for years for my Anxiety which then went into Agoraphobia

It wasn't until I got off the benzos and put on an SSRI did my emotional issues go away.

Sometimes the meds we are taking can cause the problem. Another thing suriael is to work on not allowing these fears to grow. Anxiety is but a negative thought that we fight and fear instead of accepting it for what it is and let it run it's course.

Picking up some methods to calm your thoughts will in effect calm your symptoms.

Good Luck with your doctor's appointment. Stay Positive :) xx

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suriael in reply to Agora1

I haven't changed much, I went on a big trip with family which broke alot of barriers and completely melted alot of fears.. I feel as if there is some deep rooted fear that I am not addressing, like a weed that you only cut the stems off it just keeps growing back? When I returned I went back to work and started driving short distances again but alas I have fallen to the same mistakes and anxiety, I stopped working a few weeks back and haven't been driving..

Back at square one so to speak, its been years since I've tried ssris and I'm willing to give them another chance to help me break the cycle.

Thanks for your words x

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Agora1 in reply to suriael

I like your analogy about the weeds that you only cut the stems off. Unless we get the root it keeps growing back.

I'm glad to see you back and hope we can help support you. Keep in touch :) xx

I have experienced that so sorry about that it’s hard to deal with it sometimes 😞 lots of kindness and support- Hiba

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suriael in reply to Hb2003

Thanks for the reply, good luck in your own troubles :)

Hi Suriael, I’ve been experiencing the exact same thing daily for the past few weeks. I have been struggling to do basic everyday things because of the symptoms I’ve been having. Mostly head pressure, numbness, brain zaps and just feeling off. Makes you just want to lay down all the time. It’s also been a while since I’ve tried anything other than Xanax as well. I’m so sorry you’re struggling with this too.

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I read through your story and can't believe how hard it must have been making that trip to the ER, with the way my dizziness and weakness feels I've considered it alot but honestly hold myself back every time.

Its really scary when such intense feelings get in the way of basic tasks like preparing food or showering.. even now im in bed feeling uneasy and no idea of when it will pass. I feel like its a positive thing to think of these posts as something we will look back on in the future and remember how we felt and the way we overcame it.

I know your feelings feel just as real and just as intense as mine so I'd like to remind you and in doing so remind myself that this will pass and there will be better days ♡

Take care and feel free to contact me

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It’s very intense, scary and very real. Going to the ER isn’t worth it if it’s anxiety related. You sit there for hours and when you finally get seen, the doctor doesn’t take you seriously. It’s a waste of time & money. It’s hard especially when you are young and look healthy. It’s hard for people around you to believe and understand that you are suffering so it gets very lonely.

I always push myself to get things done, like clean and shower and prepare food. But it’s definitely not easy since I always feel like I’m about to have a panic attack because of the “off” feeling. I had to leave my full-time job a few weeks ago because of this. I have a hard time going to restaurants and stores as well. I do it, but I always feel trapped and tempted to run to my safe place, home.

I completely understand how you feel. There have been many days I wouldn’t leave my house or my bed because of how anxious I felt. And when I did get out of bed, I felt weak and dizzy because I was not moving around and I wasn’t eating properly. They say exercise is so important for anxiety but it’s very hard to push yourself to do it when you are dealing with symptoms like this.

Take care of yourself and I’m here if you ever need to talk.

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I also get told I'm fine just because I look healthy and young, or told they weren't aware I was even anxious because of how well I was hiding it.. sometimes I wish our mental health showed up as visible marks across our skin, then maybe people would see and take it a bit more seriously.

I left my job a few weeks back for the second time and had to stop driving. I hadn't driven for years but I was just getting back into it until this all started again.. just feels like one step forward two steps back. Even the getting dizzy from not eating is a common thing for me, I'm quite slim and don't find joy in eating alot so it's hard to keep ontop of sometimes..

It made me smile a little to see our similarities, I feel like I've fallen into such a dire state that almost no one will be able to relate, and although I don't have your exact symptoms I think we process things in a similar way.

I'll keep in touch :)

Your story relates to me so much, thank you for sharing

Oh I'm sorry to hear that, I'm not far off at 125 pounds or 56kg. Relative to my height its a safe weight and not due to any eating disorder just how I am..I hope you can bring yourself to see your Dr, there are so many ways to just get the little extra weight you need and get you back on track.

I'm rooting for you the whole way ♡

I feel your pain love I’m in a terrible state shaking fast heart and so weak and exhausted never want to get up I’m on hrt and sertraline been on them seven weeks now wish they would start to work so days feel like going mad hope you feel better soon xx

Yes I get the same way. I go long periods of time then out of nowhere it creeps back up and I get in a blah mood and anxiety. It’s frustrating and aggravates the crap out of me.

Hi Surial,I'm sorry to hear you are having such a bad time at the moment.

I too have been there, shaking, dizziness, can't breath, feeling faint, feeling sick, can't eat, can't go out, wake up in a panic, dreading the day ahead, didn't want to see anyone, stomach issues.... It was a living the beginning my husband would get me in the car for a drive, he might stop at the supermarket, I couldn't go in at one point, and I'd sit and watch people tooting and froing, doingtheir shopping, chatting, why couldn't I be normal again, I know stress from my job and burnout had literally got me to this place, too many years of coping caused the burn out, but this seemed ridiculous, and I was angry with myself!

Talking to people on here, and strangely knowing that others have felt the same, helped me get stronger, because I knew I wasn't alone.

Gradually, I realised it was more the fear of the symptoms I was suffering that was causing them. I would fear going to bed as I hated the morning shakes. I would even fear going to see my children for fear of an upset stomach, fear eating in case I felt sick!

So I had to make myself do things, for starters get up in the morning instead of laying there shaking, go into the shop hanging on to my husband, visit my son even if I had to rush to the loo a couple of times. It was not easy, but eventually I was angry with myself, and it really is about accepting these awful feelings and going slowly forward.

I did this with the aid of the odd 2mg diazepam only when I felt I needed it and the same with an anti nausea pill.

Apologies for the long, not very well put together message. But I just wanted you to know, that it can be the worst ever time, but also with time and with determination and a lot of bravery you will slowly get there, but it has to be you that does the work, people can offer help and sympathy, but you have to do the work.

My very best wishes to you x

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suriael in reply to Funkyfaerie

I just started a book that is teaching me exactly what you said.. I spend so much time focusing on my symptoms but never actually addressing the fear of them or how much I use avoiding tactics to feel safe..

I've even been working on and off to maintain income but it always involves having a 'safe' person around incase something goes 'wrong'. Im only now realising that all this is just avoidance and not going to push me further in any way

Its early days for my recovery and I've been slowly going down this bad road for years so I doubt it'll be easy but the new perspective gives me hope.. thanks for your words ♡

You are welcome. I read Claire Weekes book "Self help for your nerves" are you reading the same?I learned not to freak out if a symptom came back again, otherwise I think it would have really got me down, thinking I was getting nowhere.

One day at a time, be kind to your self, we do over think, that's a lot of the problem with those of us that suffer anxiety.

Slowly, slowly you will get there. Take care x

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suriael in reply to Funkyfaerie

I'm reading 'the anxious truth' by drew linsalata, he actually references Claire and collaborated with her in some areas of the book I think. Its a similar concept, just reminding me that I'm 100% healthy and the only thing controlling me is my fear of the symptoms and fears.. at its core I believe it's just a big build up to the correct way to do exposure therapy.. which I need guidance for sure at this point lol

It sounds good... At least you have seen the light so to speak and you know its this circle of fear. And we both know how debilitating and frightening our symptoms can be.You are on the road to recovery, albeit sometimes a long slow road.

By the way is a good website to help you too.

Take care

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