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I bought a little gadget on Amazon that tests your stress levels. Only been doing it for 4 days but every day my stress levels have been higher in the mornings 8am - 11am.

Every test I did, my stress was lower and nearly always in the good range from afternoon to bedtime nomatter how anxious I had felt in myself during that period.

In fact yesterday I was feeling ok anxious wise in the morning, yet the readings showed my stress as above average when I tested it.

Shows that stress is hiding there even on the good days.


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  • The majority of medication used to treat anxiety and depression are called selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors (SSRIs) and they work by increasing the levels of serotonin. Unless you can buy a gadget that measures these kind of things they're all pretty much useless when it comes to anxiety. Most of these gadgets work by measuring blood pressure and I know I've had full blown panic attacks and my blood pressure taken at hospital and It's been normal. So personally I don't put any faith in these things. But hey, have fun anyway, learning about how you work is never time wasted 😊

  • This one measures Electrodermal Activity whatever that is lol

    it's called Pip Stress Management Biosensor

  • Wonder if it goes up when you're standing by something electrical like a TV or computer????? Thinking about it would it work on the cat or dog - they could be anxious about dinner time 😆 I could have loads of fun with one of these 😊

  • Hi sarahjaneR. I want that gadget. I have a Stress Card, A Stress Thermometer and a Mood Ring It's nice to see the colors finally changing from Black to Green *Serene... The thermometer was given to me from my Biofeedback therapist. It teaches you how to bring the temperature of your body up my breathing and concentrating on positive thoughts.

    I can't find the gadget on Amazon. Any particular wording I should use to find it?

    I pull all these little gadgets out when people come over as well as take their blood pressure. lol

    They are fascinated by it. thanks for sharing x

  • Hiya, if you type in PiP stress on amazon you will find it. You link it to your tablet/phone using bluetooth and there are free games on there where the more you relax the better you do and it saves your results to a data base. Its quite expensive but anything that helps me to get better is worth it. You try different techniques on each game and see what one lowers your stress the best. You dont actually play the games you just sit there with the device inbetween your fingers and the lower your stress the faster your player goes. In another game theres a black and white photo, the less stressed you are the quicker the photo colours in and comes to life. xx

    heres a link to their page:

  • Thank you so very much. I will at least take a look at it

    since I don't have a smartphone. Hope you day is going well xx

  • I found out today that although i wasnt feeling anxious my stress level on the gadget was quite high. My mate who was here did her stress test and it showed none at all. I was stressed without even knowing it. I always assumed stress and anxiety were the same, obviously they are not. You learn something everyday about this horrible anxiety lol xx

  • Learning something new everyday lays the path to getting well.

    You've just said something very important that I hope many will read. (Not feeling anxious doesn't mean we aren't stressed) Is it any wonder the symptoms surface?

    Thanks sarahjane for sharing an important message for all of us. xx

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