I guess it must be nice that you guys can easily leave y'all houses and see birds and trees and go to the mall

I was dying to see the street signs and cars and people walking i even wanted to see traffic lights. Doctor's visit is tomorrow to get the stiches out.... they have to put me to sleep to get there


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  • It'snot fair

  • Are you ok

  • Hi Danielle, You'll get there one day soon again. Remember the walk to the park? First things first. Good Luck with having the stitches taken out tomorrow. Start making a list of things you want to see, starting with the simplest. When you are ready to take that step we'll be with you. Crossing off all your goals one by one, never looking back to where you've been but to where you are going. Stay Positive Danielle but most of all Believe. Believe in yourself. You are safe. You can and will do this one day :) xx

  • You're right i need to start writing up more goals just like the park. I just really wanted to see outside

  • :) xx You will do it. We will do it. You're never alone Danielle x

  • I got ya babe. I know

  • Thats y ur my sweetheart girly

  • You can do this, baby steps dont force it and dont do to much at once. xx Feel better soon :)


  • Thanks hun.. baby steps

  • I have faith you can, in my early 20s i suffered sever anxiety/depession and agoraphobia wouldnt leave the house for months or my room for that matter, and only to the dr's kicking and screaming cause if not they were gonna pick me up and put me away and i couldnt have my parents see that so i went screaming. Anway everyday I would walk out the house, down the stairs legs shaking and to the fence then back into my room, and here and there I would make it a little further, in full blown panic but i did it and you can too xo. :)

  • Thats exactly what i did i started making it to the mailbox then the sidewalk even to the park. How are you now,are you able to go places

  • awsome see :) now im 39 and this time it hit me different, I have full blown health anxiety, past few months have been a spiral but alot has happened which led to why this happened, but i do work and go out everyday, for some reason I cant stay home this time, I think cause it brings me back to what I went through almost 20 years ago, so now I just need out if that make sensel

  • Im dying to go places

  • you will its tough believe me I know but just keep talking to yourself in your head saying well if I pass out so what someone will find me, thats how I used to do it. I also had great support and friends that would pick me up take me for a ride and if i said i cant do this they would bring me right back home.. every step helps.

  • Im so happy for you. You made it out. Thanks for the motivation hun. A successful agoraphobia story 🌻🌻🌻 Im really happy you told me

  • you are so welcome. Just know it can and will happen for you :)

  • Hi,

    Remember, don't be so hard on yourself. We all have blips and we all need to focus on the good things we have acheived and know that it will happen again. You had that great walk in the park. It will happen again.

    Focus on the fact that you can and will get there again. Good luck for tomorrow.

    Now to give you some light entertainment, at my expense I have a job "yeah, go me". So on Thursday I am going into work in my snazzy steel toe-capped boots and as I am going over the walkway to the main door I trip. So I do the swim in mid0air thing when you think you are going to keep standing up but the arms and legs are going as you keep heading for the ground. Not only did I hit the ground on my hands and knees, but I did a slidy thing for a little bit. "Ouch!!" Trust me. Now for the funny bit, I ended up asking for a first aider cause I could feel one of my wrists and my knee was sore. The first aider checks my wrists and knees and does the report. A couple other first aiders come in to see what's going on and they head out to get an ice pack. Then supervisors and coming in and out. There is me with my foot up on a chair, trouser rolled up. The first aider comes back muttering because there was no ice-packs, but he has a bag of peas in my hand. So there I was for a bit with peas on my leg. It worked though, I have no bruise on that knee. I should have put it on both knees because My other knee is still bruised. :-D

    So I'm the newbie who took a tumble at work. If I'd know they were just going to get me a bag of peas I would have gone and sat in the freezer part of the warehouse. :-D

    Yes it is okay to laugh at my antics, because I am.

    You are going to do well tomorrow getting your stitches out and remember keep focusing on the future and what you can do, we all have twists and turns on our journeys and it is okay to get frustrated with it, but never give up. Keep looking forward. I know you can do this.

    Take care.


  • 😂😂 lol im glad you didn't get hurt but peas though hahaha. I missed you congrats on the job

  • Good luck at the doctors x

  • 🌻🌻🌻 thanks babe

  • Are you able to use the sleeping medication as a last resort? Can you attempt to see the scenes even if its for 5 minutes or less 30 seconds? We want things so bad we gotta attempt to chase them buddy fight through this see if they will allow you to attempt viewing scenary BEFORE injecting medication

  • My last attempt to go on a ride was horrible it was as if i was going into shock. So they'll put me to sleep and my therapist will be present since i will be outmy comfort zone. He considered my state to be too fragile at the moment some triggers i will not be able to handle them so they won't take any chances...... like Agora1 said i will get there

  • Danielle, three steps forward and two back still means heading in the rightdirection.

  • Yes i agree i will get there eventually

  • You'll get there again 🌻. Right now focus on getting better... let others take care of You. I hope all goes well tomorrow, I know doctors are not fun. We'll all be there with you in spirit 💖💖 Remeber that.... we all struggle, but we have a support here to help us when we fall. We can do this. Love u girl❣

  • I loveeee you Mel 🌻

  • You will get there. In the mean time do something that makes you happy. Binge watch Netflix, play a game, etc. take it one day and one step at a time. There’s a goal, but appreciate all the steps to get there.

  • I made a list of goals i want to accomplish. Right now im relaxed and watching Christmas movies and cartoons on Netflix, its really calming

  • No shame. I secretly watch all the hallmark channel Christmas movies.


  • Praying hope everything is ok!!

  • What happened?!!

  • Is she okay? Have had her in my thoughts..... please post anything you know.... 💛

  • She is still with us

  • Hello everyone. I was asked by Danielle's family to just please pray for her. It doesn't look good. That's all I know. I'm sorry.

  • What’s going on w Danielle? Last I️ spoke w her she was home from the hospital but these messages are within the day. Is there a way someone could pm me?

  • Hi Isabelle

    Are you in touch with Danielle's parents? I saw your replies responding to another post and gathered there's a problem. I hope she's ok.

    There are so many on here who care about her. Can you please advise her progress if it's ok with her folks? Worrying and praying for Danielle 🙏

  • I️ don’t know what went so wrong. I️ spoke to Danielle when she got out of the hospital and she seemed like she was doing okay, now this happened. Her sister text me and said she’s in the hospital, just got a blood transfusion, and they are watching her organs, that she really hurt herself very badly. This is very upsetting. I️ know it is for a lot of us who care for Danielle. I️ Just wanted to update what I️ know because I️ know I️ was concerned and wanted to know. She’s so young. I️ know we all pray she gets better.

  • So she is alive but barely due to what ever injuries she caused?

  • I️ suppose that is accurate kev. Very upsetting. I’m in shock right now.

  • Oh yea, tell me about it. This am my psychiatrist wanted to hospitalize me bc I'm getting no support from anyone

  • Last I knew correct

  • Thanks so much for that post. She's in the right place and I pray she'll make it. Sounds like she's badly hurt. She's so young and so many people care about her. Please God she'll be ok.

    Thanks again for the update. Very sad.

  • She is an honest to god, good girl❤❤

  • Thank you for the update. I've been so worried about her. Know she has been struggling.... didn't know how bad.... guess I've missed some posts 🙁 So kind of lost. She's definitely in my thoughts/prayers. Big hugs to those who need it now. Love to her & her family💛🌻

  • I'm going to really try and keep up with you all tonight the best I can. Ok

  • Very thankful for you guys. Everyone is being so wonderful.

  • Thanks for the updates

  • Anything I'm allowed to share, you'll all be the first to know but I feel dropped out of the loop

  • Yes what her sister said is true but earlier she advised me to only ask for prayers and do not give details

  • Exactly. I don't understand. She was so excited to stay at my house for Christmas

  • She is still with us. I really apologize for keeping you waiting. I've been stressed and sleeping weird odd hours. I'm so sorry. Yes I'm in touch with her sister via text messaging and live. A bit of a language barrier. Heavy Portuguese accent. I'm trying you guys. But she is still here. Starting to look up

  • Thank You ❤ no reason to be sorry.... been worried about her ..... Hope you are taking care of yourself, hugs.

  • Thank you Isabelle for relaying the info you receive. Please take care of yourself. x

  • Thank you. You all are very supportive.

  • ❤ just want everyone to be okay.... care about the people here, even if I don't chat with everyone

  • Thank you. So is something sketchy going on?

  • I Skype her sister this morning she finally answered im not trying to judge Dani God knows why she did this to herself. But her sister's face looked so hurt her mom could barely say hi back. No one should put their family through this pain

  • Ok so is she still with us

  • Yes, do you have skype or any other video apps, she can show you Dani

  • I asked about her being awake or not and sis said asleep but that was early the morning

  • She's still not awake i only saw her on the bed and her mom laying by her hand

  • I havent seen my girl.

  • How does she look?

  • Question, how do you all feel about seeing Dani in that horrible condition watching on Skype. I myself decided I couldn't do it. Wouldn't want to remember her that way. But everyone is different and different things help them

  • I have fb messaging

  • Can you video chat on it

  • I have Skype but never used before. Is it easy to figure out?

  • Do you know her STATUS? Please tell me or pm me thx

  • No one should be put through this pain I understand. But no one should have to suffer so much more pain every second of her life. So much pain she goes through the horrendous act of ending her life. You have to be in so much pain, the most unbelievable unbearable pain to go through with ending your life by choice. No suicidal person in that much pain has the capability to worry about who gets hurt. The pain is so bad it wins. Ugh imagine that.

  • It's so very sad for you too seeing your friend like that. You're not judging but just wish it was different for everyone concerned especially Danielle. I hope we hear better news soon.

  • Haven't showered in a few days or changed out of pjas

  • :( Remember we are here for each other in bad times. x

  • I'm a hundred percent Portuguese myself are you Portuguese or is Dani and her family in case you need help with talking with them

  • Dani multiracial though but yeah her sister have a stronger accent than Dani

  • Dani and her family are Brazilian. Yes it was very hard for me to understand her sister. You're a hero. I've read your convos with Dani and I told her to stick with you. I have a good feeling about you❤. Right now I do not know the status of Dani and I'm freaking out a bit

  • I have a serious question to all...did Dani ever mention she felt weird being back home after the first attempt and treatment center stay?

  • the only thing she said to me was a day she got home after getting her stitches out we talked for a little while she seems fine and then she said she was having anxiety didn't want to tell me about it cuz he don't want to ruin my day or trigger me so I told her to get a little fresh air and then I didn't hear from her again

  • Can I pm you

  • Hiya, sorry for not getting back to you sooner. I'm flooded with questions which is totally fine, but I honestly don't know much any more. I've reached out to Diana several times. No response. Last I knew it looked hopeful. But things can change quickly and I am so scared not knowing what's going on. I love that girl! I'm her big sister.

  • omg lets all hope and pray she is ok this is really sad news.may god give her strength to pull through difficult times.in my thoughts tonight.

  • Oh no this is so sad I spoke to her for a little bit the day before she went to get her stitches removed and then again the day she came home and she had anxiety but didn't sound this bad. Keeping her in my prayers

  • Me too. I read some of your correspondence with Dani and I told her I liked you. You have been there


  • My prayers to her..

  • Every time I spoke with Dani she was always happy and laughing and she is so hysterical I laughed so hard Dani said something so funny, wish I could remember, I started to pee my pants in the kitchen lol I told her stop I was peeing, grabbing paper towels stuffing them down my pants. Lmao. I'm an extremely depressed person. I haven't laughed in years! I do the "fake" laugh. Dani gave me the gift of laughter and fun back into my life. Shit im crying

  • Not sure if she told y'all that she was coming up here to Rochester N.Y. and stay with me for christmas. I was super excited since I spend it alone most years. She and Diana both told me the travel plan. I was amazed and thought it would really happen after all. I started buying little Christmas gift stocking stuffers for Dani and saving them in a dresser drawer. She was so EXCITED. She was going to bring the ugly sweaters. I thought that was so fun! Never done it before. I would have ugly socks for us. She would prob see snow. It would have been a nice Christmas. But if she pulls through this...it will be a miraculous Christmas ❤❤❤❤❤

  • Isabelle lovely it's been very tough for you. It's only people who understand depression and how it makes you feel who would see that Danielle had no wish to hurt her family and friends, only tried to get rid of her own pain. I'm sad for you and your plans but there is still hope. Please look after yourself too 🙏

  • Last i heard someone triggered her and wouldnt stop like a plague in disguise..

    another member and I knew that person was toxic for this member and sure enough it was VERY toxic

  • kevorreally that really is so very sad -- Danielle is friends with so many on here and everyone's so fond of her.

  • Can you tell me more

  • Was it Zachary. How do I get a hold of him? Or does anyone know what he said exactly that could have triggered her? I text her sis at 8am still haven't heard back yet and I'm scared

  • To be honest...I had spoke to Zachary and he confessed it was him...

  • Yeah we all knew he had a part i it but we also know hes a drama queen...

  • Is he still around?..

  • Not sure but if he makes a post about leaving this world just take it with a grain og salt last time he said he jumped off a bridge for attention.. its a cynical way to think but with him.. it may have to be that way.. hope hes around and getting propper help though!

  • Which hospital is she at?? Anyone??

  • I'm sure she's doing ok i hope but try to take care of yourself

  • I thought you had constant contact with her sister you were the one giving US updates..

  • I have called no answer im trying not to let bad thoughts in

  • Got info guys!! GOOD news!! Dani just woke up. The Drs are talking to her right now as I write this. It's a very emotional moment for the family so let's give them some time.❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Oh that is wonderful news....Thank you for sharing that with us. I hope she continues to make a full recovery. Hopefully you will sleep better tonight. xx

  • Yes I WAS in constant contact with Diana but she has not responded to me over the past 24+ hours

  • It is out of our hands now. I think we need to respect the family's space right now. I'm sure when they are ready to update us, they will. The emotions they are struggling through right now are beyond imagination. They know we care and they know the impression Danielle has made on all of us. The hardest thing for us right now is patience. x

  • Diana text me. Things are looking on the brighter side

  • Great news, thanks for sharing. x

  • Beautiful!

  • Yes!! To be honest you guys, I didn't have much hope but now I do❤❤❤❤❤

  • :) x Thanks for all you did

  • Oh no problem. I want to make sure all of her friends are updated ❤❤

  • Its such a relief to know she’s turned a corner. Thank you for keeping us updated 🙏

  • I think I need to show you something

  • Show me toooooooo

  • Wow reading all this has just overwhelmed me with the kindness of you guys on here. It's so beautiful knowing there are people who do care about you and try to make sure everyone is supported and ok. I am sure this lady would be truely grateful for such wonderful friends she has in you. I hope she is doing ok.

  • Oh what I had to show, I forgot now. I have no idea

  • Been a rough day Isabelle ? Don't worry it will come back to you. x

  • I actually feel peaceful this morning🙄

  • (((((Isabelle)))) Prayers answered honey! ☺

    Love 💜🌹

  • You are so right. I'm really amazed. I feel at peace. God has more things for her to do on earth

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