The nurse said i had TMJ but it might be more than that. Does anyone know or can help?

a year ago i banged my chin against a rock while falling and my jaw got dislocated/fractured and a molar got chipped(i bled from my chin and both ears but only onside was dislocated/fractured). I'm better now but recently i was stretching and i yawned but i felt a weird sensation travel from my back to my upper neck but when i clenched my teeth together the molars that got chipped started vibrating and i started hearing this high pitched noise getting louder and louder and i just heard and felt a pop in my ear. Then the middle-side of my head started tingling and all my teeth started hurting and my skull felt like it was cracking in half between my eyes through my scalp, my whole body started feeling tingly/prickly like when you sit on your leg cutting off circulation but it hurt really bad every time i moved or tried to talk. Can anyone help me find out what this is? because its happened more than once and when it does there's a very noticeable pressure in the top left of my skull that feels like something is trying to get out or its swelling pushing upward. i know this thing also triggers my anxiety because i had a panic attack from all that sudden pain.


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  • Hi kurasaki, that's a lot of symptoms going on which most likely has a lot to do with the TMG. Do you wear a mouth guard at night? Is your doctor aware of the latest symptoms? It sounds complicated enough to see the doctor and possibly he may recommend a CT scan or an MRI. An oral surgeon who specializes in Maxiofascial surgery may be able to give you a diagnosis and help you. I certainly believe this triggers your panic and anxiety. Good Luck...

  • I was going to get a mouth guard but it was too expensive and my mother doesn't think its that big of a deal to go back to the doctor. i tried to tell my dentist what happened with my chipped molars since they've been very sensitive to hot/cold things and they said to try having my wisdom teeth removed to help but my mother doesn't think i need that either. I've been trying to get a job this summer so i could try to pay but i cant work when school starts back up.

  • I understand, everything is so expensive. It does sound like your bite might be off enough to cause extra pressure on the joints of your jaw which would give you pain in the ears, neck, face and head. I use to have TMJ problems which started after a whiplash from a car accident. Not only was my bite off but I was grinding my teeth at night which caused undue stress on the mandibular joint. I know dentists are so expensive and aren't usually covered by insurance. If these sensations that you are getting happen more frequently, you may have to at least see a medical doctor before school starts. Of course, we are always here to help support you with anxiety issues. I am not a doctor but am going by my own experiences with jaw pain and frequent headaches. Keep us posted... My best!

  • Yes, before i couldn't close my mouth all the way since my face was to swollen but now i can but it feels different than before and i usually always wake up with lock jaw probably from the night grinding. When my jaw hurts after a certain point i can start to her that high pitched noise so i have to try to relax my face. I've been trying to get this looked at before school starts because that's the last place i'd want to feel that way. But thank you so much for the info and support, hopefully your TMJ gets better as well!!

  • I am going to see a Neuromuscular Dentist in Ely in September...I think jaw clenching has started all my pain...face,neck,shoulders,back, ringing in my ears and nausea.

    Luke Smith in Ely Cambridge, look him up.

    J x

  • I live in Ga so i cant go to England but i can look up nueromuscular dentists in my area. Thanks!

  • Hi kurasaki, I had never heard of a neuromuscular dentist but just checked it out and Chicago is loaded with dentists like that who specialize with joint and muscle problems of the face. I wish you luck in finding a specialist to treat you in Georgia.

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