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Nissen fundoplication reflux surgery

I’m having Nissen fundoplication reflux surgery done after the new year just a bit stressed and worried about this and this is all due to server acid reflux

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Possibly a strange question to ask you ~ but, have you been tested / treated for food allergies? 😳😉

I'd horrific gastric reflux problems, was seeing a consultant who was less than useless ~ and then I was told by the Homeopathic Hospital, after tests, that I'd a severe allergy to wheat.

I immediately stopped eating wheat (it's in almost everything apart from non-processed foods!), and eating a healthier diet without the wheat in it, and not taking bread meant I wasn't eating a lot of dairy either (butter), and neither was I talking sugar/ fake sugar replacements!

Within days, I stopped having ANY gastric reflux, and felt great satisfaction in dropping the Consultant immediately..! 😉❤️️

Just a thought ... 😊


I vomit all my food and water out what ever I eat that’s why I’m doing the surgery


Fair enough Mo ❤️️. It was just a thought. Sorry that Surgery appears to be the only option left.

Being unable to eat/ keep anything down, sounds like a miserable existence. ❤️️😟. The lack of food won't do any form of Anxiety any favours ~ and, even those who volunteer for certain operations (I'm not saying this is your personal 'choice'), naturally have a fear of what's coming 'next'.

My thoughts are with you. ❤️️When's your Op?


In 6 weeks I’m shitting it


Apart from being a very long way away, for someone who can't be getting enough daily nutrition to feed a fly (!) ~ I could guess you'd be 'bricking it', which is only going to cause more acid and anxiety ~ but all you can do at this point is look forward to the day when you can, at last, eat a decent meal again, and enjoy it..! ❤️️

It must be miserable for you ~ I know how bad I was, constantly throwing up, and with gastric reflux wakening me up even during the night, with huge mouthfuls of acid/gastric reflux ~ and, throwing 6 Zantac down my throat AT A TIME, as instructed by said "Consultant" ~ and swallowing mouthfuls of one 'chalky bottle' or another (depending on which one was causing me constipation at any particular time!).

Abject misery ~ and this from an allegedly highly thought of Consultant!

What on earth are you eating? Or not eating/ digesting, to be more accurate? 😟

All I have to offer is my empathy ❤️️, and what helped me, in fact what saved me. If the latter isn't something you could even try, then personally, I'd be pushing and phoning for a cancellation and just trying to get the Op over sooner ~ rather than later!

It'd deal with the building anxiety and fear. Just to 'get the Op over with' ~ and having the possibility of enjoying Christmas and New Year! 😊


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