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Acid reflux??

Okay so I've done the stupidest thing ever lately everything hurts a lot and I had my acid reflux act up bad by having the burning sensation on my stomach and throat so I started taking my omeprazole 40mg and yesterday I felt good still a lil sore but no more pain and I went out had three shots of tequila and 1 beer with friends and now I feel like my stomach is going to explode with the least amount of movement and I have this butterfly in your stomach sensation is it tge alcohol that's causing my anxiety or tge acid reflux??

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Sounds like it could be the alcohol, hopefully it will ease once it's out of your system :) have to say not had a tequila sunrise for years used to enjoy those :D xx


Hi mimii,

Hope you are doing well,

Yes I hope so it's irritating,

:) they are great I was hoping on relieving stress :(

Unfortunately the opposite happened :(

Thank you for the response




Tequila is like swallowing paint stripper when you have acid reflux and beer with the carbon dioxide bubbles will also erode the stomach lining, PLEASE avoid alcohol altogether if you can, especially spirits. I would suggest you continue the Omezaprole (I have a hiatus hernia and reflux) so I know the pain you are talking about, I haven't drank alcohol for at least 15 years and don't miss it. Alcohol is a depressant and when you are feeling pain or at a low ebb, it will cause anxiety into the bargain, it really isn't worth it. I'm not trying to frighten you but if you are sick and notice any blood or brown coffee grounds staining please go straight to the doctor immediately, as this could be ulcers and bleeding. If you are just experiencing a back lash of pain take the medication and wait for the inflammation to go down. I'd avoid salty and fatty foods such as bacon, alcohol, pastries, possibly wheat (I know it sounds miserable) refined sugar, coffee and caffeine items such as chocolate and citrus, all these things aggravate the gullet and cause severe pain at times. It really is worth modifying your diet, you will feel both physically and mentally better for it. Also try to eat a small snack regularly, rather than a huge meal, keep your blood sugar up as insulin spikes and drops are not good for anxiety, Feeling anxiety can be a combination of you feeling unwell with the acid reaction and the come down off the alcohol, it's really not good for anxiety, and try not to over think or think silly negative thoughts, always try to aim for positivity, worrying is a vicious circle, I'm 51 and have learnt my lesson, I used to be a worrier, it solves nothing and causes more problems, you have to just 'let go' face your fears and then realise that big shadow of a monster was cast by a tiny little mouse all along.....I hope this helps xx

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Hello Frankie,

Thank you for your reply,

It was indeed helpful,

I've been going through a lot and I just wanted a night out

To destress and forget about my worries :(

Unfortunately it didn't go like that

Sorry to hear about what you went through I've been dealing with this for a bit and it's anxiety induced, it's horrible.

That's great of you 15 yrs, I don't drink that often about once bi monthly or less

The thing that started the burning was my mothers delicious spicy soup and not eating right, thank I'll try to avoid all those foods and stick to a acid reflux diet.

Worrying is in my blood, :( been like this since I was a child. I do try to stay positive but sometimes it's hard to stay on that path, I've been trying to let it go but it's something I have to conquer :)

Thank you again for your help I really do appreciate it!!



There is a book called 'Managing the Inner Chimp' by Dr. Steve Peters, it is well worth a read and helps with understanding our human psychology, also another is 'The Power of Now', they are both well worth reading for people with anxiety problems and even for people who don't suffer with it. At some point in our lives, I have to say, we all have suffered with some form of anxiety or another, it's the human condition, but it's not permanent and it's how we handle stress, not stress itself. I'm saying this as someone who has been there, done that and bought the T-shirt, video, self-help books, had treatment and am now a lot older and wiser. We as human beings complicate life when we should be simplifying it, best piece of advice, be true to yourself, express your feelings and emotions spontaneously in an honest and open way and that will stop the pressure cooker feeling of panic and anxiety. Also don't 'over-think' just do it, as too deep thinking over everything holds us back. Practice, practice, practice, learn to love yourself and be compassionate to yourself and you will instantly be compassionate to others without becoming a doormat for them, because other people can contribute to your stress and you don't need to put up with it. Worry, Stress, Anxiety all puts a strain on our mental and physical well being, especially in the gut, which is where your immune system lies. Yoga helps and other exercise, walks in nature amongst greenery and by going back to basics and appreciating nature you let go of stress and it takes you back to when we were simple and uncomplicated, like when we were children. As adults it's too easy to get wrapped up in modern day life, we need to appreciate the small things and relax more. The more you do it the more you will feel at peace in your own skin, listen to music that makes you 'feel' happy, maybe "Happy" by Pharrell Williams? The more we understand about ourselves and our psychology the healthier we can become, it's been a long hard road for me as when I was young this wasn't talked about and the information wasn't out there, and we were all supposed to have the 'stiff upper lip' attitude, but there is an astronomical amount of help for all problems out there now and people who will help on here. Just remember you are never alone. Hope all these tips help, my family and I are no strangers to health problems and anxiety, but it can be conquered much easier than you think. Love and hugs xx


Oh my I just saw this I'm sorry thank you for the recommendation I'll look for it and I'll try

And be positive but lately that light of hope is fading fast :(

Thank you



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