Accidentally used 14yrbrothers toothbrush

Hi I’m in a panic at the moment I accidentally used my 14 yearold brothers toothbrush to brush my teeth! I was brushing for 5 min when noticed The kid has a GF and has kissed probably kissed her he still doesn’t have his vaccines yet but I already have them all since I’m 21 I’m all anxious about contracting meningitis from this 😕

Any advice ? Help


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  • I think the chances would be minimal, especially since you don't indicate that he is sick. If you develop any symptoms you can always contact MD.

  • Stop worrying about meningitis (the illness you don't have) and start addressing the illness you do have: anxiety disorder. How do you plan to overcome that? What self help therapy are you practicing? Is your doctor helping, maybe with the help of meds? Are you receiving therapy of any kind? I mean you don't want to still be asking these questions like the one above when you're 65. You want to enjoy your life, both socially and careerwise, and that means recovering your peace of mind by ending the over sensitisation of your nervous system. Any plans?

  • Ha! That’s weird. We worry about the worst possible outcomes

  • Counseling seems to help

  • Ok, calm down. Who has meningitis in this scenario? Anyone?

  • Does your brother have meningitis? Does his girlfriend have meningitis? If you can answer yes to either of those questions then get them both to a hospital. And while you're there helping them, get yourself checked out too.

    Oh, and buy a couple of new toothbrushes - I'm sure your brother isn't thrilled about your germs either.

  • My brother seems fine...trying to let go of this anxiety

  • You hav a severe case of germaphobia/ hypochondria.. have you gotten it taken a looked at?

  • I’m currently seeing a counselor for it...

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