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Herbal advice?

Good Evening,

I am just wondering if anyone can recommend any herbal that can help my anxiety or is herbal all a lot of rubbish?

I'm currently on propranolol which helps with my panics, I use it more as a safety net - I wouldn't say my anxiety is intense as it was last year when I was on antidepressants but i constantly feel midly on edge and worried

I'm just if any herbal products that can help to just relax me, improve my mood and potentially get rid of my anxiety, almost block it out?

is herbal safe to take with propanolol? I think I tried st johns wort, but it didn't really imrpove anything with me

any information would be greatly appreciated

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Lots of people use magnesium and have had success with it I also heard st John wart is very good for anxiety

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If Ia m looking for a natural alternative I generally go to earthclinic.com

The Magnesium works for me as well as a Valerian or Chamomile Tea with Fresh ginger root cut up and steeped with either : however I am not on any other medication.

If you are I would strongly encourage you to talk with your GP about any interactions that an herbal remedy may have with other medications


The herb Lemon Balm has been used for hundreds of years to counteract anxiety. It's also known as Verbana. It grows in my garden and from time to time I've chewed the leaves but not often enough to decide how effective it is. St John's Wort is for depression not anxiety and it clashes with pharmaceutical medications so it's one or the other.


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