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Forced to sacrifice my health....

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Hello all, looking for help with health anxiety. I have recently been taking of my medication (lorazepam 1mg) and just started Buspar 5mg because doctor said I can not be prescribed both my anxiety meds and my pain medication (Norco 10/325) and I had to choose one or the other. I am a bilateral lower limb amputee from a industrial accident and suffer severe chronic pain which is debilitating to say the least so stopping my pain medication was not even an option to maintain any quality of life. Now my anxiety is robbing me of quality of life. I also suffer from a heart condition (SVT) the doctors told me was electrical that makes my heart beat excelerate and beat very fast. It has put me in ICU twice with very mild heart attacks both times. The carbs both come back clear, no blockage of any kind. I believe my cardiac enzymes were a 2 the first time and a 6 the second. Very low for heart attack, but since they were present doctor classified it as a heart attack nonetheless. I’m also a life long type 1 diabetic to add to the troubles, it could be better I am keeping my A1C in the target area (last A1C 7.3, 3 weeks ago) Just kinda lost here and sorry for the lengthy post, but I’m so confused now that for over 5 years I have had no problems with bad anxiety or my heart and they have changed my meds now I’m just falling apart. I fear I’m constantly having a heart attack or my heart is going to explode and now I have no meds to offset the condition. So far today the new medication, Buspar, hasn’t seemed to help any. Just had every test done other than actually having a camera go up through my arteries to check for blockage and all returned good. EKG’s perfect, Ecocardigram perfect, blood work perfect, so I know this is just overwhelming anxiety. I guess through all this rambling my question or more of a statement is how can they make a patient chose between their mental or physical health and honestly the choice ultimately is effecting both.

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