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Doctor visit

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Anyways was at the doctors yesterday for routine health check I’ve been getting twice a year. Anyways he took X-rays of my lungs and said there are spots on them and there is a shadow.

I don’t understand how this is possible I never smoked. Doc thinks I have lung cancer now I have to get more tests. I’m scared.

Does anyone else know anything about this lung cancer. Can it be beaten.

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Jennifer, there can be other reasons for shadows and marks on your lungs, your doctor shouldn't have told you he thinks its lung cancer without more tests. I have a black mark on one of my lungs but because its been there for 20 years and never gets any bigger my doctor doesn't worry about it. Do you have back pain, a bad cough of long duration or spitting blood which are the symptoms of lung cancer? Get those other tests done fast to relieve your anxiety, I hope you get the news you want.

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I think you're making that up.

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“I’m making it up”.

That sounds like everyone in my family saying that to me.

Guess I’m used to it from them.

Guess this is no a place for me here.


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Where is this doctors ?. I work in that kind of environment and I just can not see a doctor telling you you have cancer or possible cancer just like that.

I had infiltrates that are common and leave shadows on the X-ray. They were gone last time I had an X-ray. Sometimes I think SOME Drs like to scare the sh*t out of people! I can't believe he said that without further testing. I recently had a PET scan. A nurse...yeah a NURSE called and said I had cancer of the right tonsil. I said I don't have tonsils and she said maybe they grew back!!! I went to an Ear nose and throat dr....nope I do not have ANYTHING there, including a tonsil!

jennifer234, I don't know how I missed your post but I'm sorry. Spots and shadows that show up on an x-ray are common and do not always mean a serious illness. A large portion of lung cancer goes undetected by xrays. So your doctor seeing these spots/shadows is need for more investigating as to what they are. It could very well be a shadow from an overlapping structure of the internal organs. Spots could show up from previous infections that you might have had. In other words, don't put that much stock in what the xray showed. Did the doctor actually use the words Lung Cancer? or did you assume tht it might be. There are Pulmonary Specialists who will be able to perform the required tests needed and give you a more firm answer.

Before talking "can it be beaten" let's see what you actually are dealing with. In either case, you know I wish you well. Everything will work out okay. One step at a time. xxx

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