Doctor visit Tomorrow

Well i am very nervous i have my doctors appointment tomorrow. ive been waiting to get into to the doctor for a month because everything has been worrying me every time i get a headache or sore throat and look up my symptoms on google i get told i have cancer or something else that could cause cancer like barretts syndrome which is what i am most worried about. im just ready to get it over with and know exactly what is causing these things i pray it is nothing bad and it is just anxiety but all i can help but think is i am going to die very soon from some rare disease. Anyways my rant is over i hope everyone is doing okay. God Bless :)


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  • Hi jacobsmall10, good luck with your doctor's appointment tomorrow. I hope all goes well. Please leave us an update. One thing for sure is that Google is not the way to go. Leave it to your doctor. My best.

  • Will leave an update thanks

  • You acknowledge that your looking at rare possibilities so surely it's very unlikely that you will have these.

  • Yeah i know but i just cant help it i just freak out all the time about it

  • The internet is your worst enemy. See if you can stop yourself from checking, looking up things and instead work on positive things, distractions, relaxation, mindfullness. Can you manage 3 days without the internet?

    You are only 17 and likely to be in peak health now with the lowest risk of any illness for your entire life!

    Don't start your adult life on this route, it will blight your future.

    You are a Christian so trust in Jesus to look after you.

  • Thanks for that. i trust in Jesus to get me through all things. i went to the doctor today and had some blood tests and urine sample as well as talked to the doctor about everything that im worried about. he didnt seem to take them for more than anxiety which is good but still a little worrying that he did not check my throat for anything that i was worried about. i also almost fainted when they took my blood they said it was because i havnt eaten or drink anything today and i didnt get much sleep last night but im feeling better now and im about to go out to lunch with my mom and my grandparents so hopefully i can just get good results on the blood test and everything will be okay. thanks for responding to me it really helps to have someone to talk to that actually cares. God bless :)

  • And now see if you can manage a week without internet.

  • I will try to not ask Dr.Google any health questions for the rest of the week lol

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